Karl Marx - born 200 years too soon?

Posted On: Tuesday - May 1st 2018 7:18PM MST
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An instruction manual for a new society or ...
the insane ramblings of an ancient German retard?

Apparently Commie #1 was born 200 years ago, either today or yesterday (we don't keep up cause we don't care). It's just that if Karl Marx had been born later, as in today or so, I don't think this writer, at least, would be having to deal with the fallout from his Communist bullshit.

Peak Stupidity, having gone Marxist in the past does not quite have the hatred of this guy, as we do for the modern destroyers of liberty and decent society, say the US Police State, the Deep State and this guy and this guy. I'm not sure why though. The fallout from Karl Marx's asinine and inane thoughts about how the world should be run, as carried out by millions of useful idiots, have ended dozens of millions of lives and ruined maybe 2 orders of magnitude more than that. It's just that Mr. Marx never implemented any part of his prescriptions himself. He never had his own hand in the destruction. Do we blame the engineer who wrote the explosives manual for the acts of ragheads who use the information?

Still, the existence of this man is nothing to celebrate, just as we don't celebrate the day herpes first mutated into the first-tier STD that it is today. The Peak Stupidity blog has discussed the long-term effects and after-effects of the experiment of Communism on the nations of Russia and China a while back. We have many articles with the "Commies" and "Socialism/Communism" topic keys that could keep the reader busy until tomorrow, at which time maybe we can all forget this sick fuck.

It'd be nice to think that we won't get fooled again, but remember, these Commies come crawling out of the woodwork every century or so, the current situation in the good old US of A is at the point where these new millennial Commies will find happy useful idiot hunting.

In the meantime all we can take from this original Commie Karl Marx is a motto most applicable to a whorehouse - "To each according to his needs, from each according to her ability."

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