In defense of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Posted On: Monday - April 30th 2018 8:07PM MST
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Tank you - come again!

The Peak Stupidity blog likes to remain, oh, say, about 1 to 2 weeks behind in our "current events", in order to get around to writing properly reflect on events. I don't know if Politically Correct lecturing claptrap from another Social Justice Warrior, a foreign one at that, counts as current events, but this is too good to pass up. Every I know LOVES Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons 30-years-running cartoon, though not many of us knew his last name until the current brew-haha.

Steve Sailer reads the NY Times a lot to check in on the enemy, and has found an article that berates Americans for thinking the character "Apu" is funny. Let me quote Mr. Sailer this time:
One trend I’ve been noticing lately is the ever-growing percentage of Professional Diversity Scolds who are from upper crust immigrant backgrounds from the more verbally facile countries, such as India. I would guess that the number of South Asians [dot-Indians, aka, sub-continental-drifters, does he mean? - Ed] who got paid last year for berating white Americans in the American media outnumbered Mexican-Americans, despite Mexicans being vastly more numerous.

For example, here’s a New York Times editorial today in which an Indian immigrant staffer lectures Americans on how The Simpsons — as good a candidate for The Great American TV Show as any — must be censored for the amour propre of people like himself.
I'll let the reader go to Sailer's article on unz (linked above) to read the lecturer, a Mr. Vikas Bajas's scolding and the coupla' hundred mostly great comments discussing the matter.

Mr. Bajas:
… the character also encourages the infantilizing of Indian immigrants as simple-minded people who talk in a singsong voice. Even Apu’s last name — Nahasapeemapetilon — is presented in a way that invites mockery.
They DO talk in a singsong voice. The names DO invite mockery. Why is that so hard to understand for this guy? Oh, yeah, no sense of humor.

“Thank you, come again” — those four words, spoken in an exaggerated Indian accent, have followed immigrants and Americans of South Asian descent like a bad penny since “The Simpsons” premiered in 1989. They helped make Apu, the show’s tightfisted convenience store owner, a household name. And they are often repeated to us, with a sly grin or a guffaw, by the same people who are surprised that we speak English in grammatically sound sentences.
It would really help Mr. Bejesus’s cause if dot-Indian DIDN’T own and operate most of the convenience stores throughout the United States of America. In the famous words of Homer Simpson “It’s funny cause it’s true!”

There are so many great comments on this on unz there, but the gist of my favorite ones is: Doesn't this dipshit realize that The Simpsons makes fun of just about everybody? Why are the dot-Indians so special? Lighten up, Bejesus!

I am sensitive as the next fucking guy, but I will NEVER EVER STOP thinking “tank you, come again” in an Indian accent is funny.

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