Pat Buchanan on American political history - 50 years ago

Posted On: Saturday - April 28th 2018 6:01PM MST
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Young Pat Buchanan
(Watching people) kickin' hippies' asses and raisin' hell

Mr. Pat Buchanan is one of my favorite political pundits, meaning his views are approved of by the Peak Stupidity blog. His latest column With Nixon in '68: The Year America Came Apart is great reading just as a nice portrait of an important time in American political history. He really doesn't give any opinions, just his recollections from his time as Richard Nixon's (just before he became president) 29 y/o aide, as the presidential primary's, both D and R, were happening, and the Viet Nam war was the biggest issue.

I won't even quote any of the article, because it's a story in sequence. Mr. Buchanan's favorite part (it'd have been mine) was probably when he got to watch the Chicago cops beat all hell out of a large contingent of protesting hippies from his safe vantage point on the 19th floor of a hotel. I wonder if he was listening to Jerry Jeff Walker singing about "kicking hippy's asses and raisin' hell". Nah, Jerry Jeff and all the outlaw country guys/gals were younger than Pat. 50 years ago, it was!

As I wrote in the last post of a 6-part series Battle Lines are Being Drawn, the patriotic young people of today could learn a lot from the hippies and protesters of 50 years ago. (Here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. )

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