Enemies of the Culture - foreign and domestic - Part 2

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(Continued from this post.)

Cultural enemies - foreign and domestic

(This particular one is just a globalist and traitor to South Carolina.)

This 2nd part of this series (should be the last) is a quick discussion, with a good example of domestic enemies of the culture. This is really simple. If you have massive immigration into your country, you won't have assimilation. Now, I may keep using Mexican examples even though this post will discuss dot-Indian people* for a reason to be given shortly. If you come down to Mexico by yourself or your family as an expatriate to a small town in Mexico, you may want to or even unwillingly assimilate to the Mexican culture. However, if you move to a big community of ex-Americans in Guadalajara, it's natural to hang with the other ex-Americans, and culturally all of you will really just remain actual Americans. Again, this is simple stuff, and I therefore don't blame large groups of Chinese, dot-Indians, and Latin Americans themselves for doing this. It's very hard to change your cultural ways, and then there is the genetic component - you're going to be who you are.

In the big picture, it's Americans' fault for letting this massive unassimilated immigration happen, but it's not many of us that asked for it. Most were just too ignorant of the problem, or cowardly, or too civil even, to make any effort to resist. I will this time paste in a large block-quote of a story that I got 3rd hand, I suppose, as it itself was pasted into a comment I'd read. I will include this link to an article/site I haven't read. One of my problem with going to unknown websites, aside from not wanting to link to stupidity directly, is that many of the larger TV/"newspaper" ones, ad-blocker nothwithstanding, run so many scripts that take too long to settle the hell down, so I can just plain read some text. I mean, often I believe things would be just as fast with a 4096-baud modem on the phone line receiving packets on a simple 3-page text/image website that doesn't try to write cookies, find your location and just ream you in the ass, when all you want is to just read a few paragraphs!

Back to the subject, this story is just one of the many skirmishes, not really particularly violent this time, that will happen more and more, as people are mixed in together in something that does not at all resemble a melting pot, but more of a experimental chemical reactor vessel. Call it California. Also, since I didn't read the original source (feel free to, and them comment, please!), I don't know who was really in the right. The cultural enemies in our midst here, the metric-shit-ton of dot-Indians living all together in lots of areas of America, are supported by their press back in India. That's the funny thing here - this article, about a simple neighborhood fist-fight/blow-up is in an Indian newspaper! Would the Des Moines register print an article about an American family getting called names in India? No, I don't believe so.
New Delhi: In yet another shocking incident of racial abuse, a woman was attacked at Milpitas in California (United States of America) on Sunday while she was standing on the guest parking spot on the road across her upper-level apartment. The incident, which took place at 1540 hours (local time), left the Indian neighbours in complete shock. As they rushed to save the lady, identified as 33-year-old Sharda KS, they also were assaulted too. According to Samrat Nandi, an IT engineer [sic, sic, SIC! There's no such thing as an IT ENGINEER. - Ed.] with Zensar Technologies, a white male, who was naked waist-up, tried to park his car where Sharda was standing. Suddenly, he started hurling racial abuses at the lady.

Sharda rushed for help while calling out her husband’s name. Hearing her voice, Samrat and his wife Monima (who stay on the lower level) and a family friend Aniruddha Mondal immediately came outside. While Samrat dialled 911, the white male continued to hurl expletives and was “almost about to hit” Sharda and her husband who was trying to protect her. Meanwhile, the man grabbed Aniruddha and punched him in the face, leaving him profusely bleeding. As per Samrat, another “Hispanic-appearance male joined the fight along with the white man.”
Soon, a white lady too joined the scuffle and started abusing. She held Monima and shouted: “We are white, what are you going to do b***h.” The scuffle was finally sorted when a neighbour (white mixed race male) intervened. The trio left the scene while continuing to hurl racial abuses towards the Indian group.

While the group was helping Aniruddha as he was bleeding profusely, the white shirtless man came back again, grabbed Monima and slapped her on the face. The man then got into a black Nissan Altima car (Registration number – 8CQW497) parked near Nandi’s rented apartment and fled. The Hispanic man and the white lady rushed inside an apartment in the same community. At around 4:00 pm, the US police recorded the victims’ statements.

Samrat has alleged that the entire incident was recorded by a white lady whom the group does not know. He claimed that she provided the video to police. However, police officials told the complainants that the video was shaky and did not let them see it when they demanded. Albeit police told them later that they have identified the Hispanic man, who is a resident of the same community where the incident took place, and the lady who assaulted them, yet they refused to divulge their details.

The Indian group, another victim of hateful harassment since Donald Trump was elected president, has contacted the Consulate General of India in this regard and are awaiting justice.
Again, I don't know who was really at fault, but frictions are going to rise, and the Americans involved most likely didn't ask for this stuff on the larger level of immigration policy. People blow up sometimes when they have had enough and have no say in how their communties and their whole nation is changed by those in power. It's to be expected that dot-Indians will live like dot-Indians, but these domestic enemies of the culture are supported by their press way back in the old sub-continent country.

Just picture this the other way around. I won't make my example India, just because it's hard for me to imagine wanting to live there as an ex-patriate. I'm sure it's got it's good spots, but it is, using the illustrious phrase of our President, a shithole. The place will surpass China pretty soon in population, with a land size roughly the same (see just below the middle of this post on China to understand what I mean) but the people are too disunited, with their castes and what-not, and just to weird to make that country into anything.

Imagine, then a group of American expatriates in Guadalajara deciding they really don't like the Mexican corrupt culture and being shaken down by Federales every other day. They then form a poltical organization to change the policies of Mexican law enforcement via protests to the government in Mexico City. Then, the New York Times prints article in support of the ... (OK, getting too silly here, and I almost forgot that the richest Mexican, maybe man in the world, owns a big chunk of the NY Times). How long would it be before these people were placed in a Mexican prison awaiting deportation, with their houses auctioned off (we don't need no steeeenking forclosure documents!)? As long as it takes the Federales to jump-start their old jalopies and get there, that's how long. There's no way they would put up with any of that. You'd better behave, gringo.

It might be a little more mellow in Thailand or Uruguay, but the people in most countries understand that you can't take any grief from the domestic cultural enemies. If they try to get along, no problem, but the welcome can be removed at any time. Many here in America do understand that, but our "betters" won't let us handle the situation and keep making it worse daily... it's been 50 years now of this. Don't wonder why people just blow up and call people names once in a while.

* The term in vogue** now is "sub-continental". Yeah, I know it refers to the subcontinent of India, being a big chunk of Asia hanging down to the south. What the hell kind of stupid term is that, though? Other continents can have subsets of some sort. Look at Greenland - it's part of Europe, I'd guess, since Denmark owns it, so it's some kind of subset. Who's to say the Yucatan part of Mexico isn't a subcontinent - it's sticks way the hell up there like a sore thumb trying to bum a ride up north across the border. How about Scandanavia? Are the Norwegians and Swedes not subcontinentals? No, I'm not doing it. It's dot-Indian, and that's final.

** NO, not in Vogue magazine! It's an expression. Writers for Vogue magazine do not worry about subcontinents and subcontinentals, unless they have glamorous new hair styles and show off their cleavage(s).

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