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Posted On: Friday - April 27th 2018 9:20AM MST
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Stay out of our business, Muchacho!

The phrase "enemies, foreign and domestic" is used by the liars, for the most part, taking oaths of office, as required by law and described here. "... solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic... blah, blah, blah ..." NOTE VERY CAREFULLY the one bolded word Constitution. It's not supposed to be an oath to blindly defend the United States, only the law of the Constitution. The US may look like Soviet Russia or Orwell's "Oceania" in the pretty near future, so there would then be absolutely no obligation to defend it, even if one were WEREN'T LYING to begin with when one took the oath. OK, way to get off the subject in the first paragraph! However, that's just the background for the title of this post.

Here, I am writing not about enemies in the military sense, but just enemies of TRADITIONAL American culture. Unfortunately, foreigners seem to take to the absolute worst apects of the modern American culture - it's made worse in that they have no clue of what this country used to be - even those that have lived here for many years. The elites of foreign countries, however, may know more about the traditional American culture, which explains why, Commie, Moslem, Hindu, Totalitarian, whatever, the children of the big shots somehow always ended up going to school in America somewhere. The elites of Mexico and India, for instance (because they are the subject of this and a continuation post) aren't military enemies, but they are enemies of our traditional culture, and their foot soldiers unwittingly are enemies too. This post will give an example of the "foreign" portion of our cultural enemies, with Mexico as the foreign enemy, and the subsequent post will give an example of the "domestic" portion, with dot-Indians as the example. There's no reason this stuff can't be mixed and matched - these are just examples.

Mr. Allan Wall who writes for VDare.com, has 2 or 3 weekly articles about the Mexican views on the immigration invasion issue. His great perspective is from his having lived in Mexico for over a decade with his family. He and his writing would make a great contrast for another pundit who currently lives in Mexico, and has for over a decade himself, Mr. Fred Reed. That would make an excellent subsequent post, in fact - another pundit-vs-pundit deal. Mr. Wall is very fluent in Spanish, not a very hard thing to come by anymore, except in pundits who want to lay out the truth. Allan Wall has a good feeling for the Mexican people, as evidenced by the fact that he married one, and his kids are 1/2 Mexican, I assume (that's not any kind of slur - I just am not completely sure that his kid are from his senorita). However, that doesn't mean that he wanted to live AS a Mexican, as he moved back. (His column "Memo from Mexico" changed to "Memo from Middle America""Said in Spanish" VDare category.)

That all said, Mr. Wall's 2nd-to-latest column, Mexico’s “Conservative” Presidential Candidate Anaya Worse Trump-Basher Than Leftist AMLO—But U.S. Should Ignore Them All Anyway is another of his that delves into what the Mexican honchos, like the guy above, really think of us (spoiler - "WEAK PATSIES") and what they are getting away with. Yeah, they think no one here reads what they have to say, which is mostly correct, if by "no one" we mean their sycophants in the cntrl-left and US Feral Government only. However, they have been foiled by Mr. Wall! That is, so long as you read his great article, anyway. If nothing else, read the brown-fonted points made by the Mexican candidates for Presidente, or whatever-the-hell, just to see how blatant they are in their wishes for control of AMERICAN immigration policy and the tens of million of immigrants who are still Mexicans - regarding this aspect, I'll quote just this section:
What does Anaya propose? According to Siglo, Anaya “offered a policy of support and defense for the 37 million Mexicans who live in the United States.”

What a minute! 37 million? Wouldn’t that include American-born citizens of Mexican descent going back several generations?

Why yes, Virginia Dare, it would. But that’s how Mexicans view American citizens of Mexican ancestry. They are Mexicans first.

Siglo reports that Anaya “would propose a reform that, with the goal of them [Mexicans in the U.S.] having greater representation in [the Mexican] Congress, would reinforce the consulates, include them [Mexicans in the U.S.] in public spending decisions and defend the DREAMers against the U.S. government.:

He’s proposing a State Within A State.

[My bold. As usual, VDare has links out the ying-yang to VDare and other sources. Those can be found it the original article.]
The amusing part, as the writer states, is that even the most "American-friendly" candidate tries to out-do the other guy in his bellicose talk about President Trump and his encourangement of treasonous behavior of Mexicans that just happen to live in America, subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

As far as the foreign portion of our cultural enemies go, just imagine the reverse of this situation of Mexico's elite deigning to dictate America's immigration policy, very hypocritically, I might add. Try immigrating as a white Christian to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or Pakistan sometime (though something tells me they don't get a lot of phone calls about it ...) Do you think you, or anyone in the US Feral Government there to help you (hahahaaa!) cares where the hell you want to move to and why?

The Mexican culture, as can be just gleaned from the pic up at the top, is about machoism, something we could use a little bit more of, to the detriment though of rule-of-law and peace. Their religion, and that of all Latin America, is the supposed original version of Christianity, Catholicism, but they embrace the ceremonial and superstitious parts of it over the search of truth and belief in forgiveness. That is who they are, and I've got no problem with that, so long as "they" are "THERE", not here. It is NOT who WE are. Yet, with scores of 10's of millions of people, we will be living in an at least 1/2 Latin American culture before too long, without having taken the trouble to move!

These elites of Mexico, in the articles (many, over the years, by Allan Wall) are foreign enemies of our culture. As Mr. Wall says, we can just ignore their trash talk in their own internal elections. We cannot keep ignoring the policies that are treasonous to our country however. Peak Stupidty sure misses candidate Donald Trump.

A couple of things Americans have in common with our Amigos
south of the .... hiking trail.

Yes, our presidential candidates also like women with big tits.
Why can't we all just get along?

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