You know you're a Kennedy if:

Posted On: Thursday - April 26th 2018 8:18AM MST
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They shouted out "who killed the Kennedys?", but after all ... I don't really care ...

Some thoughts from reading a Steve Sailer post, Do "Kennedys" Exist? turned into a list in the format of Dave Letterman's. (Or was it Jeff Foxworthy with his "You know you're a redneck if:" bit that started this?). Though I've touted the pundit Steve Sailer numerous times on the Peak Stupidity blog, I don't believe I understand his point on this one, but that happens to me sometimes.

Also, I would hope the reader is aware by now what Peak Stupidity thinks of the Kennedys especially this one guy - more at the bottom of this post.

You know you’re a Kennedy if:

10) You live in a Compound that is NOT derided by those in authority as a place for white survivalists and cult members.

9) You have so many odd-talking politicians in the family that their voices are preserved for posterity by Mayor Quimby on The Simpsons.

8) Your H-1B visa security team members are important enough themselves to say “do you know who I am?” during traffic stops.

7) Your name causes women to get all hot and bothered until they realize that nobody in your family can even get elected dog catcher in a majority-feline jurisdiction anymore.

6) You have a family so big and worshiped by People magazine that it retains a full-time wedding planner who plans the individual weddings of your H-1B Visa contractor wedding planners.

5) You are closely related to a family member who has ditched one of various types of conveyances, be it seaborne, airborne, or ground-borne/temporarily-airborne in multiple locations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, mostly clustered to the south of lower New England.

4) Your family tree has roots so deeply inserted into the clay pipe fittings of the sewer of Boston that even the most corrupt snake in city government is not long enough to clear it.

3) You still appear in The National Enquirer and People magazines, even after having done nothing of note for 5 decades, and without even a contraction name, such as Brangelina or JacKenNassis.

2) You have been personally instrumental in the demographic destruction of one or more advanced industrialized nations.

Finally, the number 1 way you know you are a Kennedy is

1) Your extended family is often compared to a beloved Middle-Ages cultural myth involving the Knights of the Round Table, when its behavior is usually closer to that of the Knights who say Nee!

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