Chick-Fil-A foes hatch new hate campaign after 7-year incubation

Posted On: Wednesday - April 18th 2018 5:43PM MST
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Do not be alarmed. This is only a Tweet:

Yeah, our headline is stretching it a bit, but, as a pundit of no great renown, and low in the pecking order, I've gotta keep striving for eggcelence. What I was very surprised about, when reading Michelle Malkin's column today, was that it has been 7 years since that boycott/buycott deal involving Chick-Fil-A and the owner Truett Cathy, as coincidentally mentioned here on the Peak Stupidity blog just 2 days back. (I believe I used the phrase "a few years back" to refer to that boycott and successful retaliatory buycott, but I was thinking 3 or so - time flies indeed).

The New Yorker magazine, read by people such as Michelle Malkin (apparently), Steve Sailer, and a number of New Yorkers, seemed bent out of shape about the restaurant chain opening up its 4th "store" in NY City. It is seen as an "infiltration" by the NY-mag writer and I guess lots of illegally-immigrated, errr, infiltrators. Actually, I jest, because, the way things are today, I must admit that the illegal Chinese and Chick-ano folks really don't give a damn what Chick-Fil-A does, versus the cntrl-left crowd in NYC. The latter are either scared chickenshitless or more honestly just have much hate for the Christianity privately espoused by the owners of Chick-Fil-A and lots of people outside NY City.

Here's the problem per Mrs. Malkin's interpretation of the New Yorker anti-big-chicken article:
Chick-fil-A’s corporate mission to “glorify God” and “enrich the lives of everyone we touch” leaves The New Yorker scribe terminally heartsick about the “ulterior motive” of its restaurant execs. So do the founding family’s commitments to faithful marriages, strong families, Sundays off and the highest standards of character for their employees. The frightened New Yorker critic is especially perturbed by the “Bible verses” enshrined at Chick-fil-A’s Atlanta headquarters and by the restaurant’s popular bovine mascots — which he dubs “morbid” and the “ultimate evangelists” — whose ubiquity on New York billboards and subway corridors is akin to a “carpet bombing.”
As I wrote before, it takes a stand-up guy to keep all of the over 2,000 locations closed on Sundays in the face of (some) customer pressure, and LOTS of corporate pressure from the beancounters. Peak Stupidity has much admiration for this guy Truett Cathy and the Fil-A family. Michelle Malkin continues:
Notice, by the way, how these hysterical Chick-fil-a-phobes have no qualms about the success of Jewish-owned delis or the spread of Muslim halal food shop operators in New York City who openly pay tribute to their faiths. Imagine a reporter freaking out over Quran verses or Torah citations hung up on a business owner’s wall. Welcome to Social Justice 101, where discriminating against Christian-owned business in the name of opposing discrimination is the definition of tolerance.
Great stuff by this #2 pundit. Yeah, this time it's not a particularly pro-gay point of view that is riling up the cntrl-left, but just the fact that Christianity is still around and kicking somewhere. It's a shame that supporting Chick-fil-A by buying Mor Chikin is the only non-hazardous way of showing support for Christianity, at least in NY City. Well, let's not get into the long-term effects of the saturated fat on the inside of your arteries - may as well have just gone to the gay nightclubs, drunk colorful mixed drinks and read New Yorker articles, in that case. Wait... whose side are we on, anyway? I dunno, if anyone's the victim here, it's the chickens.

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