Self Immolation at the Peak of Stupidity

Posted On: Tuesday - April 17th 2018 8:38AM MST
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It's the Chemistry, Stupid!

If you're going to kill yourself, setting yourself on fire is the most painful way anyone could think of. It is the nastiest sort of pain, and as much as I've got jokes galore on this one, the pain involved makes it hard to even write ones on this guy (warning - links to Fox branch of Lyin' Press). I understand that Mr. Dave Buckel, as a lawyer for the transgendered, the planet, and all other under-represented entities, wanted to make a show and horrify the world. Yes, I am horrified, but only by the utter stupidity of his act.

Many Buddhist monks did this same horrible act on themselves in Vietnam, during the war days. I have lots more respect for them, as they at least knew (I suppose) where they were going next. They knew the horrible pain they would face, if only for a minute, and they didn't have as many worldly things to lose compared to an American lawyer. I think Mr. Buckel may have been too stupid to even know how burning himself would feel. In addition to that stupidity, it's the purpose of his self-immolation that brings out stupidity-induced humor of this blogger.

This act by David Buckel was apparently (from a letter that the flames must have missed) in protest of against the use of fossil fuels. No, he is not a chemist, but a lawyer, as I stated earlier. That's a real shame, too. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Buckel, in the next life, but how is combustion of your body not going to make more of the "greenhouse gasses" that your are were erroneously worried about*? Look at about the simplest of chemical reactions that there is, up on the blackboard at the top. Both of the products, NOT BY-PRODUCTS as you hear from other idiots, but basic products of any combustion reaction are Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor.

What did Mr. Buckel think - his body wasn't made out of hydrocarbons and his shit didn't stink? The thing is, if this shyster lawyer could have stayed alive representing "The Planet" in various courts of law in various jurisdictions and maybe even accumulated body mass, he could have at least practiced what he preached, as a human carbon sink. "Stay alive, sequester the carbon" - that's what they say or should say, if these Global Climate DisruptionTM idiots had just enough brainpower to come up with good sayings (hey, guys, for the 1st one - no charge!) With this act of combustion, David Buckel was responsible for an immediate emission of toxic quantities of CO2 (along with water, a much stronger greenhouse gas, but, first rule of Climate Club: WE! DON'T! TALK! ABOUT! WATER!) No, ever heard "ashes to ashes, dust to dust", Mr. Buckel? Those ashes are carbon too. But, OK, you may have been so proud of yourself for getting through college and law school without a lick of chemistry - don't want to hang out with those autistic geeks, eh? Now look atcha!

OK, you may say, the process of combining the Hydrogen in the body with Oxygen to make water, and the Carbon with Oxygen to make Carbon Dioxide would happen any way that this guy died? That is true, rotting, the process of being processed by bacteria, will result in the same elements - dust to dust. Sure, but how about a massive dose of formaldehyde and a vacuum-sealed casket? Now that there's some Carbon sequestration, I tells ya. Maybe next time.

Did Dave Buckel even go through the permit process for burning in a public park - Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC? The treehuggers are really big on the whole permitting thing, so let's hope so.

Anyway, from the Lamda Legal family, λ being the Greek letter for gay, apparently, not to mention wavelength, an eigenvalue of a matrix, linear electric charge density, and of course, the latent heat of vaporization of a substance on a per-mole basis, we read:
This is a tremendous loss for our Lambda Legal family, but also for the entire movement for social justice.
You say that like it's a bad thing. That's not the half of it anyway. This has been a huge loss of latent stupidity. OTOT, this is countered by a small gain for those who like warmer weather and don't ever want to see snow again. We'd really never like to see anyone get burned like this either. Are we at the peak,yet?

* Please see the Peak Stupidity blog's 5-part series on "There is no working model of the world's climate, dammit!" with the Global Climate Stupidity topic key for all the background on our opinions on this topic.

PS: For the family of this guy, I'm so sorry. I guess you all knew he was a nutball, but what happened is terrible.

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