HR - scourge of the business world - Exhibit A - Toby Flenderson

Posted On: Thursday - April 12th 2018 7:49PM MST
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In the previous post, earlier today, on the topic of "Human Resources" I was very remiss in not including any discussion of my favorite TV HR personality, Mr. Toby Flenderson, of The Office. Yes, the show is 10 years old or so, and no, I don't watch TV now, but this explains why I believe The Office was THE FUNNIEST show EVER on TV. Yes, it's above Seinfeld, IMO.

"Dunder-Mifflen Paper Company" of Scranton, Pennsylvania, is the supposed setting of this show. This branch office of the NY City-based company has only 10-12 people or so, so in real life this would be a place free from the scourge of HR. However, the show has Toby as a corporate-placed HR guy who works in the back, and is detested by the boss, Mr. Micheal Scott.

Let me tell you, I don't place stock in actors/actresses and who plays this or that character in the movies, as the reader may have noticed from a couple of Peak Stupidity movie reviews here and here. Who cares? If it's entertaining, keep watching. If it's not, or even is but has a clear political agenda, then don't. That said, let me tell you, Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott is really amazing. He plays a guy who is underconfident and not all that bright, but acts like he is confident and bright for his staff. It's really funny stuff, and Micheal Scott's scenes with HR-loser-guy Toby Flenderson make for some of the funniest moments. Youtube has big collections of this stuff, so here's just a very good compilation of the best.

Would that all HR representatives were like Toby Flenderson?! It'd be a much more pleasant world at the office.

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