HR - scourge of the business world - Part 2 - HR on the job

Posted On: Thursday - April 12th 2018 10:41AM MST
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You don't send me flowers .... anym ... I'm calling HR!

The Peak Stupidity blog's expose, if I may [No, you MAY NOT! - Ed.] on the scourge of the workaday world, often called the "Human Resources" department, started with this post ten days back. We had promised to get right back on it, top priority!. Anyway, back to it, I will discuss the problem with the HR departments one you have gotten through their BS to get a job and are in the working world.

These people never go away, see. You thought that you had answered all the idiotic questions with the right answers, as found via hours of previous searching on-line, filled out all their idiotic beauracratic paperwork, and had finally got to your cube to do something resembling a JOB. OK, you may get some work done for the time being, but from now on you must watch your step. This is the "current year". People get very offended by lots of different things these days, even when they are supposed to be working hard. This is MUCH more a factor in a working environment that contains non-white people, especially non-Oriental either, and women. It's not the individuals of these categories that do some of the admin. jobs, or work in some other departments but ones that you may work with directly that can be worrisome. Well, unless you work in a small business, which would thankfully have no HR department anyway, you are going to be mixed up with lots of people that can cause problems due to their mystical offendable properties.

That's where the HR people remain a scourge throught one's career, in the Big Biz environment especially. The 1980's-'90's annoyance level out of HR regarding difficult long processes of hiring people who will do a good job, or getting the health plan paperwork straight, or some damn surveys about whatever-the-hell are behind us. The 2010's level of annoyance from HR departments comes from their powerful role as the front-line troops of the PC Police. If you don't watch what you say, how much you roll your eyes at company stupdity, and how much you disparage the company's PC garbage (especially at the "All Hands" meetings), you may have to again talk to these people. Nobody wants that. HR is the Big-Biz enforcer of all things PC. They relish this shit, and they get on airliners to go to conferences to learn from other HR people who relish this shit. It gives them lots of power over current employees, which adds to their previously existing power over prospective employees. You've just got to watch the hell out for anyone from HR, as they may get a paycheck created from the sweat of your brow, but they are the enemy, make no mistake. Nobody is safe anymore, from you, the lowliest cube-dweller, to the guy that carries the big coffee mug and RUNS the All Hands meetings.

I've been discussing the world of big business, but this stuff is a worry down to the level of a place with say 20-50 people. Without HR, the PC stuff may still be around at a low level, but enforcement can be different or, in the best world, even nonexistent. If a women associate brings up some bogus harrassment charge, for instance, a good boss can take care of it via common sense. Yeah, if it's not bogus, then he may want to fire you. If it is (usually the case), the best way would be for him to take the woman very, very seriously at a meeting, tell her how you, the hard-working guy, are now on probation of some sort, and this IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. Later on, at the bar, your boss may tell you, once it's loud enough in there, that you need not worry, this women is worthless, and during the next company belt-tightening campaign, perhaps next week, she will be told that, due to restructuring her department will have to make 100% cutbacks. "See ya."

Lastly, I attached the Globalists topic key to this post for a reason. Long-ago free America, and it's powerful economy, were powered by small business. Some small business became Big-Biz, surely, but there was always the chance for someone out of the blue to compete with new ideas and bright, hard-working people. Our Globalist elites HATE HATE HATE small business, and that carries over into the policies of the Feral and State governments. They don't want any more competition, just a world of third-world-type non-questioning peons, with themselves at the top, like the broken-glass-topped-fenced elites of Mexico. The enforcement of PC through Big-Biz, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Gov and their Globalist owners has been working pretty well. Small business has some kind of LOOPHOLE to where they can just get work done and shit! It's NOT FAIR! Look for ways in which small business will be forced to be more compliant with the cntrl-left PC bullshit in the near future. "No, you won't get away with this, Hogan!" [/Colonel Klink finger-wagging]

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