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Posted On: Wednesday - April 11th 2018 8:38PM MST
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Meet the Press as Commie Central:

During my 4 or 5 minutes of research, well, really just searching for pictures for yesterday's post on the TV talking head pundits, I read some information on the Meet the Press show. Along with being amazed that the show has been on since near the beginning of broadcast TV, for 7 decades, in fact, Peak Stupidity has learned that there was a show with the Commie Fidel Castro as the guest. It was in 1959 and only a few months after Castro had taken over the island/country of Cuba from the corrupt leader Bautista.

Maybe Castro had to get a medical procedure done or just wanted to spend some time on a flush toilet, but he was right there in the NBC studios with 3 panelists and the show host, named Lawrence Spivak. NBC has the full archived show on their site. I bet a lot of Cubans over the next 50 years wished some well-meaning nut had taken him out right then and there and saved lots of misery for that country.

Back in 1959 it was the American press asking tough questions to the Commies, both foreign and domestic. This lady, Miss May Craig of Maine, asked "Doctor" Castro some tough questions.

Going back even further this article on the history of the show relates how Whittaker Chambers, a big pundit of the time denounced a man named Alger Hiss as a Communist on the show in 1948. The Communist Mr. Hiss sued Chambers for defamation for some unknown reason, since he WAS a Communist. A few years later, in 1951, Senator Joe McCarthy came on for his 5th appearance with a pistol in his lap (what a country!), as he was worried about assasins. How much better would our political history have been if McCarthy had been on 8 years later, on the same episode with Fidel Castro!

Nowadays, it's the Communists asking the questions, albeit without the hats:

Oftentimes, it's just Commie-on-Commie:

Speaking of talking heads, here is one of The Talking Heads, Mr. David Byrne, apparently inerviewing himself. It is one wacky video, but fairly funny. I'll put up some music from his band soon.

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