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Posted On: Saturday - April 7th 2018 10:56PM MST
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... the website, that is, remains unchanged. We are still at a state of max-vigilance regarding the stupidity, but yes, this has been a slow week, with a longer than oft-seen gap in posts since the past Tuesday.

We also offer apologies for the lack of editing of the short post with the sad song/video on the Great War, as I could have sworn WWI had ended in November of 1917 rather than 1918. Firstly, yeah, we don't really have an editor [see, this is just me, adding more humor - Editor], though we could use one lots of the time. Yeah, also, I do know there is google (won't use them) and bing and duckduckgo (the latter being the duckgo-to site for searches for this writer). However, it slows me down to look details up, and as long as I think I've got the facts straight, I don't go to the search engine in the middle of writing. It would have helped to avoid Tuesday's big gaffe. Lastly, on this WWI history, I realize I'd confused the ending of the Russian Czarist government, very related to the country's involvment in that war, and the start of the inarguable worst experiment in Communism every run, to the ending of the war itself.

The Peak Stupidity blog did discuss the century-ago start of that biggest (so far) experiment in Commie stupidity (see also here and here.) somewhat near the appropriate century-anniversary date. We plan on remembering the stupidity implemented at the end of The Great War also at the appropriate time.

The big boo-boo noted here was only noticed 3 days or so later due to a chance reading of some material, hence the correction only by Friday. The lack of posting has been due to some serious amount of travelling with no lack of internet or things to write about, but just a lack of time to sit down for the writing of a post. Do not be alarmed, readers - we are still in business here, documenting this global peak in stupidity of the world.

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