The Lion of the Se enate a-bed up on the Silver Screen

Posted On: Tuesday - April 3rd 2018 2:36AM MST
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(pic lazily lifted from Brenda Walker's VDare article) is not the place to go to for movie reviews. (Neither is Peak Stupidity, come to think of it.) However, due to this ex-senator's role in creating the immigration nightmare we are experiencing, Mrs. Brenda Walker wrote here about a movie coming out on the Ted Kennedy-caused suffocation of a young lady long ago at a place on Massachusetts' Martha's Vineyard Island called Chappaquiddick. That word may not ring any bells for the younger readers, but the unintentional manslaughter, and it's intentional covering-up to try to keep this member of the ill-fated Kennedy clan "presidential material", are well-known to any Americans who followed politics right about until the time this guy died as a Senator . (Incidentally, Ted Kennedy has gotten a shout-out on the Peak Stupidity blog before. By "shout-out" here, we mean a verbal ass-kicking.)

There aren't many new movies that I get even a bit interested in seeing, but this may be one. I'd read a book about the Chappaquiddick incident way back, and it did not make the future Senator look good, let me tell you. In this PC, cntrl-left day-and-age, though, it'd be hard to know who the Hollywood people will back, a young lady who was let to suffocated in a car sunk in the water (her name was Mary Joe Kopechnee) or a guy who was instrumental in ruining the USA ... tough call these days.

I gotta say, I don't think the producers put a whole lot of thought into the title. OK, "Chappaquiddick" may pique the interest of the young people who know nothing about it and have never heard the word. For the rest of us, how about "Who's the U-Boat Commander?". Hahaaa! What, too soon?

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