Big-Gov and the Dental Branch of the American Stasi

Posted On: Thursday - March 29th 2018 11:33AM MST
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Michelle Malkin, number 2 pundit in all Americastan:

Mrs. Michelle Malkin would have to be 2nd to the Peak Stupidity blog's favorite of the few NSPs*, Miss Ann Coulter**. She is a long-term American, former Filipina, who does not always write on topics of interest to this blog, but never has written anything we've disagreed with either. BTW, does it help being a cutie to be our favorites here? Nah, this is coincidental, seriously. More about female pundits and the female mindset on down the post in a continuation post to come.

Mirs. Malkin's latest column, "The Snitches in Your Kids’ Dental Office", is about the growing overarching US Police State stupidity as related to the medical, OK, healthcare industry. This stuff started a ways back, as doctor's offices came out with survey paperwork that included questions about guns in the home. OK, no matter what you think on gun safety, safety is NOT a health matter (yeah, it may CAUSE a health matter later if you poke your eye out, per Mom, but that's not the same thing). I didn't see any questions about swimming pools, with or without diving boards, how high you've got your water heater turned up ... that could go on and on. DO NOT answer these questions except with the standard NOYFB! Yeah, None Of Your Fucking Business is the new N/A.

With the modern State-induced bureaucracy pervasive in the medical industry, comes ways of Big-Gov collecting formerly-private information on you and your family, but in addition, coercing patients into actions based on the government's wishes. This one is not about the Feral Government directly, yet they are indirectly behind all of this, as the various States are now sack-hangers of Fed Gov due to various reasons to be the subject of an upcoming post (there's a lot of upcoming posts around here, dammit). Mrs. Malkin's story is about a family who is under the strong hand of BIG DENTISTRY, it seems. Keep in mind that this one story is not the whole picture. This stuff goes on a lot, but most parents do not raise the hell that they should. They meekly go along for various reasons (another post?!)

This is another "read the whole thing" deal (link near the top), but just a few excerpts here may help you see the problem. The gist of it:
Mom Trey Hoyumpa shared a letter last week on Facebook from a dental office called Smiles 4 Keeps in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania. It informed her that if she did not make a dental appointment for “regular professional cleanings” for her child, she could be charged with “dental neglect.” Citing a law called Pennsylvania Act 31 on child abuse recognition and reporting, the dental office threatened to report the mom to state authorities if she did not schedule an appointment.
Now this faceboot part is part of the point of the continuation of this post later, regarding the female view of our societal problems. Yes, that includes Miss Malkin, probably.

Next here's discussion about the causes of Pennsylvania's ability to harass a family in this manner:
Brett Darken wrote: “Anyone familiar with ‘family court,’ DCF, state probate and guardianship courts know well this story. In any other context, it would be considered a threat, coercion and intimidation under RICO laws. But because it’s the government, it’s legal.”
Skenazy drills down to the core: “The issue here is how easy it is to drag a family into an abuse investigation, and how hard it is for the family, like an impacted molar, to get itself extracted.”
Yeah, OK, if you're gonna be a pundit, you've gotta make some puns, I GET THAT! (good ones too, I'll admit)

The real basic root cause, how people have let their governments get way too big and run their lives is not addressed. OK, maybe that's due to the length of the column, or just sticking to the smaller subject here. However, that's the stuff that never gets addressed, and the mostly female-run society that America is now, is a major contributing factor. That is the segue-way into part 2, to come hopefully tonight.

* Non Stupid Pundits

** Who just hit another column out-o-the-park with this latest sarcastic criticism of President Trump, titled "3-D Chess–It Only LOOKS Like Trump Is Throwing Away His Presidency!"

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