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Posted On: Tuesday - March 27th 2018 8:56PM MST
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This video is the best of Ann Coulter we've ever seen. The Peak Stupidity blog has raved about this shining light* in the fairly dark, disturbed world of Big Pundit before (see here, here, here, here, and here for more on her great writing.) She is the best of conservatism, libertarianism, and common sense in just the right proportions, with not bad proportions in general, either.

Miss Coulter speaks below in front of the "Oxford Union", whoever the hell they are. I do know they are Englishmen, and it's in England, so Miss Coulter somehow was able to get herself allowed into that Orwellian state of formerly-Great, formerly-Britain without the "Home Office" rejecting her for acts of truthtelling. This should be a very enjoyable video for Peak Stupidity readers. It's a good hour, but one could just listen to Miss Coulter's talk before the Q/A period, taking just under 15 minutes of one's time.

Here are a few interesting things as a quick Peak Stupidity review first:

- Miss Coulter is very dissapointed in President Trump, as are most of the supporters, but still holds out hope (somewhat more than this blog does).

- It is impressive to me, in this day and age, that these student snowflakes, though obviously "triggered" by this non-PC, non-conformist, truthful viewpoint, listened politely. There is no violence or screaming, even, if that's what you were looking for (no, no catfight either between Ann and some kind of British Bizarro-Coulter, down on the floor, with grabbing of flesh, biting, make-up sex ... no, no, none of that ... sigh ...)

- Ann brought up the 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with some interesting things that I had not known. In addition to being against mass immigration as a Socialist, and anti-"invade-the-world", of course, he was a gun rights guy too, in the past. Once he became a Democrat contender, he dropped all and any common-sense and American values of any sort, as I guess that's in the by-laws. See 08:20 in for this.

- Global Climate DisruptionTM is still A THING, apparently, as, at 42:45 in, we have a nitwit bring this up to Ann, embarrassingly using the old-timey term "Global Warming". Ha, that's so 1990's! (as is saying "that's so ___ (date)", sorry.) I had never heard/read Miss Coulter speak or write on this topic, and she didn't fail me here either.

- I learned that it doesn't matter how stupid one's opinion is, if one speaks with a posh British accent like many of these questioners, it's gonna sound intelligent. OK, really, most of these people ARE very bright, though most are not experienced enough in the world to fully understand Miss Coulter's points.

- Miss Coulter is very gracious to the audience, even while not backing down on any of her points.

I have written that until about 10 years back, Ann Coulter seemed to be the typical GOP supporting semi-neocon type that fits in well in the world of Big Pundit but not with this guy. She has come around, and with each issue that I have not heard her talk/write about before, she does not dissapoint. Here is someone who seeks the truth. Were I not married, and were Miss Coulter perhaps 1/2 a foot shorter, I would probably be stalking this woman till shooed off at gunpoint. Just imagine if we had Ann Coulter, or someone else this bright, truth-seeking, and quick-witted in the White House!

* Tucker Carlson is another in this small elite group of NSP's (the Non Stupid Pundits).

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