5-D chess, hell, I'd settle for tick-tac-freaking-toe at this point.

Posted On: Monday - March 26th 2018 10:23AM MST
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If they're happy, we're in deep trouble.

3 days ago, Mr. John Derbyshire wrote Deep State Rolls Trump On Budget, Immigration. Is This the End?. Keep in mind, this writer is a supporter, as is the Peak Stupidity blog. It's a damn big disappointment at this point. Please, don't go thinking, well, would you'd rather have had the Hildabeast? Read through, and you'll have your answer. However, having Trump stop the destruction of this country by a half-decade or so was not really my hope in early 2017.

To have any chance of reversing things, President Trump would have had to get started on his pro-Americans agenda like last year. Right now, he's caving into any and all of the neocon, globalist agenda, like an anthill in front of a Caterpillar D-11. Yeah, after his signing of the budget bill, with his meager $1.5 billion (0.03% of yearly Feral-Gov. spending) for some portion of some piece of a wall somewhere, he has given up the whole ballgame. What the hell kind of negotiator does that? Hey, he's not even supposed to be a negotiator - that's not really what we need anyway (read on).

The comments under John Derbyshire's article are mostly in agreement with some of the opposed writers using arguments to the effect of:
- This is just a 1/2 year budget - the military must get paid.
- Trump can spend the money as he likes, once it gets approved (really?)
- He's got everyone in power against him and must use the twitter platform to get out the word.

Hope is not a real strategy, people. Trump has surrendered on about all he stood for during the campaign, some of it early on - keeping the wars going, appointing the worst of the neocons and globalists as advisors, etc. We should all have known that this one guy can't do it alone, but we still need the guy to act as a leader. The praise for Trump-tweets really irk me, as that is his problem. A leader could use this silly, but possibly effective, mode of communication for good, not for stupid.

Instead of
That Biden said he could beat me up. He and how many others? #KickBidensAss
the President could use the tweets to inform Americans how they can help to defeat all the powers that are against him. That's what a leader would do.
This list consists of 15 Senators that we must defeat to get S-XXXX passed next term: R-SC Ms. Lindsey XXXXXX (redacted) D-NV HARRY Redacted, etc., etc., etc. #PrimaryThemToHell!
These judge must go! Here are email addresses of patriots who lead the impeachment movements for these jurisdictions: XXXXX XXXXXX. #ImpeachTheBastards!
This is the stuff a LEADER would do. He would not even have to do the tweeting himself. Were Trump to have kept the best of the real American patriots around, instead of people how are actively working to subvert the agenda of Americans, those loyalists could work out the details. Delegate! Quit writing tit-for-tat childhood tweets about the personal slights, fire all FBI guys and other surfacers from the Deep State, and DELEGATE.

Much of the delegation could be to the American people, who would be estatic to have some direction and goals to implement to help in the agenda for Americans.

Are these ideas too obtuse multi-dimensional for the Trump administration? 3-D chess, hell, it's just called LEADERSHIP.

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