Our patience for last 3 decadal Golden Earring songs is wearing thin.

Posted On: Saturday - March 24th 2018 6:59PM MST
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One of this writer's favorite rock bands of all time is Creedence Clearwater Revival out of California circa 1968-1972. I will say without wanting to hear any argument about it, that Mr. John Fogerty had the best voice ever in rock music. Therefore, I am amazed that I have found a lack of any CCR material as Peak Stupidity presented music. It's not gonna be in this post either, as I am trying to make a point. It'll be coming though. (I still can't believe ... no CCR!)

Why the band was just mentioned is due to some thoughts I've had on productive vs. non-productive bands. See, these 4 guys, John Fogerty, his brother Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook, and Doug Clifford made in the neighborhood of 8-10 albums or great rock in that period of 4 years! You couldn't be much of any rock music fan without having heard 10 or more of the great hits... again, they'll be on here, but it's hard to decide which one should go first. Now, that's a hardworking band.

Let me contrast that to a band who may even be hardworking, but either their promoters are/were not, or they did just fade away. All I know is that one hit song every decade is not really enough to get me going to a concert, if, in fact, they are even still alive. It's a Dutch band (that's Holland, for you folks in Rancho Cucamunga) called Golden Earring. Yeah, they had one great song called Radar Love in the 1970's and another good one, called Twilight Zone, known by this blogger as "When the Bullet Hits the Bone" in the 1980's. Guys, where is your 1990's song, your 2000's song, and, hell, it'd be great if you didn't wait till the last minute for this decade's song. You are almost 3 songs behind, and I, for one, am losing my patience here! Where are my '90s, 00's and 10's hit songs... I hear no hit songs... you show me my hit songs [/finger wagging].

Both of these 2 have great rhythms, with the heavy bass guitar standing out, and at least the 1st one has a long dance version due to this.

Hey, it turns out, upon actually doing some reading, that this band made lots of albums, but most of the stuff just didn't make it big anywhere besides in the Netherlands (that's Holland for you readers in Rancho Palos Verdes). They were creating an album every year or two from the mid-60's through the 80's. Mea culpa, Golden Earring, but I don't erase posts, so here's the music:

Golden Earring's 1970's hit Radar Love (too bad this version doesn't have an extended instrumental - it easily could have.)

(No, they are NOT necessarily gay - this was 1973, dammit.)

Golden Earring's 1980's hit Twilight Zone (extended version):

Golden Earring's 1990's hit TBD:

Golden Earring's 2000's hit TBD:

Golden Earring:
Rinus Gerritsen – bass, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
George Kooymans – guitar, vocals
Barry Hay – vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone
Cesar Zuiderwijk – drums, percussion

(Holy Moley, I just learned this band formed in 1961! I hope they are all OK.)

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