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(continued from this post.)

... so c'mon people now, smile on your brother.
Everybody get together, come and love one another right now."

No, that's not the same song. We're mixing them up here. It's just that For What It's Worth, featured yesterday, and today's featured song, Get Together, are the TWO most iconic songs from the time of the 1960's cultural turmoil, to modify yesterday's opinion.

Yeah, this is really old stuff for any reader out there except for one local DJ I hear once in a while, who along with this old music (fair enough) proceeds to tell listeners who were born 25 years later stories all about who overdosed at Altamonte when the Hell's Angels ... zzzzzzz ... However, one may want to learn a whole lot more about those times, if one were, say, an alt-right, or young conservative patriot leader in today's times. That's the subject for this last post in this series.

In the previous post, I discussed how the American cultural war going on today is basically the bizarro-1960's. Let's compare things now to the 1/2-century-ago cultural wars. The protesters, post-beatniks, hippies, yippies, druggies, etc. back then were against an establishment and the institutions of patriotic conservative Americans. They were the rebels against society, at least until the whole movement got popularized and incorporated into the culture by the early 1970's. Today, it's the cntrl-left/antifa types who are the useful idiots in cahoots with the establishment and their people completely infested in all the institutions. Who are the rebels now? I'll get to that shortly. Right now, the defenders of traditional America are possibly one elected top guy, a few others in the Feral Gov. who'll timidly speak out occasionally, a sprinkling of others among the institutions who are all mostly afraid to say anything, and a shrinking majority of the regular middle-class (trending lower...) people. They may not be outnumbered, but they are way outgunned politically at the present time. Why wouldn't this continue until the war is lost? Keep reading.

Back in the very prosperous 1960's, the middle-class were getting together, forming associations, writing to responsive congressmen of the day, and even running for office, to fight their side of the cultural war. They were not afraid to speak out, because, though Commie-bent and stupid, they may have been, the left of that time still believed in American freedoms; they would never have thought of the twisted terms and policies the cntrl-left now uses to shut down free expression. "Normal" Americans still had the professor jobs at universities, government officials still dealt with each other civilly, and the press was not quite at the level of the Lyin' Press of today.

Well, here's where things may start to parallel the 1960's ways again. We first must invoke Peak Stupidity's basic premise that the economic situation for the average American has been, and is getting, worse. With decent jobs, both white and blue collar, very hard to find or replace, people keep their heads low. The cntrl-left will go all out to ruin the working life of anyone who does not back down from speaking truth. People are very scared to individually make a stand, and the fact that many people and families live paycheck-to-paycheck to keep up the "American Dream" makes it worse for them.

This situation will change when things get even worse economically. The current financial situation and its causes have been well covered on this blog. It's the young people that are faring worst, some due to their own doing - I'm talking about participation in the University Bubble, and the whole coffee shop scene to where they are in no shape to start a family or get ahead in any way. Once young people of the conservative/libertarian/alt-rigtht bent realize that they don't have much to lose anymore, everything changes.

This is where there is lots to be learned from the 1960's (and I'm finally getting to what I was going to write last Monday!). Individuals speaking out and raising hell may always get doxxed, shamed by their peers, and maybe even arrested with the book(s) thrown at them. Groups of a few dozen - same thing but with better legal protection due to economy of scale. 5,000 of you - hey are they going to arrest you all? Where will they keep you? Is a company going to immediately fire a significant chunk of it's workforce in one shot?

Oh, how will you get another decent job with this arrest and conviction for "disturbing the peace with intentions of truthtelling"? It's just like the 1960's - after a while, the employers just can't worry about it - it's ubiquitous, hence, not a factor. They've got hundreds of Motherland Security goons ready for any excuse to beat your ass during your march on Washington, FS? That'll work if there are 200 of you - 200,000 - not so much! How about at your university classes? Is that demented cntrl-left, feminist, sicko professor giving you bad grades for not toeing her line? How about 100 of you hanging outside her office, with (hopefully fresh) chants and slogans - if you wanna' end Communism and stuff, you gotta get LOUD!

Cmon, young people, people now, people now, I really wish I was one of y'all now. It can end up being a real blast, and you'd be doing this country a big favor. Here's the best part, that I am finally getting to: Chicks dig the rebels. They liked James Dean, even, rebel without any damn cause, right? You've got to get out of your heads the nonsense that the cntrl-left is fighting the "establishment", as if they were the hippies of 1965. THE! CNTRL-LEFT! IS! THE! ESTABLISHMENT! They have been for 20-30 years now. YOU! PEOPLE! CAN! BE! THE! REBELS! (and WITH a cause). Do you know how much sex those young guys got in the 1960's? I am not sure, but, let's just say, like, A LOT.

"If you hear the song I sing,
you will understand. (listen!)
You hold the key to love and fear
all in your trembling hand.
Just one key unlocks them both.
It's there at your command.

Well, as much as the music on ALL SIDES of this cultural war we have now sucks to high heaven, I don't think music is really going to bring us together. It didn't really do the trick, for the most part, back 1/2 century ago, even with the best stuff of all time. The other side, that pretends to be fighting the "system" and fighting "hate", wants nothing to do with love for, and reconciliation with Americans. They are well on the road to winning and ruining what's left of western civilization, and their attitude is "take no prisoners". I don't think this song applies. Peak Stupidity will come up with one that does, and get back to you.

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