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Posted On: Friday - March 16th 2018 10:03AM MST
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(Seems like a pretty cool guy to me.)

Some rich Greek dude named Taki Takidopoulis, or something to that effect, runs a website called Takimag that features articles supporting the conservative side on American cultural issues. The Peak Stupidity blog has mentioned the site before, but it's not good enough to have the honors of a position of our coveted blogroll. A couple of the writers on Takimag are very good, about half of the rest are good writers but somewhat clueless and the rest are not worth reading.

Mr. Steve Sailer, referenced here almost daily, writes a weekly column on the site, of which only a snippet will appear on his unz iSteve blog due to the Takimag deal he's got, I imagine. It's definitely worth reading his articles, but I usually will go to iSteve, on unz.com for the comments. Takimag commenters are very educated, "erdudite" even, but the arguments get into minute details of history often. Additionally, those comments "powered by" (what a bogus, co-opted term the software people use!) Discus, which took me about 2 years to realize was a play on "Discuss". (Ha, sometimes I just don't GET it, for a long while, even...) Therefore, there are problems, as the Discus people have their own rules on moderation, meaning censorship, and also require registration. The hell with that. This means I won't personally comment there, and it makes the threads not as good as they could be. There will be hundreds usually, making a comprehensive reading time-consuming.

OK, this post was to be about Jim Goad who is my favorite writer on Takimag. His 3rd-to-latest column (I haven't been keeping up) is The Problem With White Guys These Days. He discusses 4 pundits of some sort, none of which I've heard of, 2 white guys and 2 black guys. About the first white pundit, named Jerrod [sic] Laber [sic]:
“White males in Generation Z aren’t that woke after all,” Laber bemoans in a Washington Examiner piece about how young white males are kinda, like, racist and sexist assholes just like their daddies and their daddies’ daddies were.
Laber says that white men—himself excluded, I’m assuming—are prone to racism and denial and delusions of persecution. He says nothing more of substance than that they’re bad people who should feel bad about this fact, which eventually will be the only way they’ll possibly feel good about themselves, although he can’t guarantee anything.

He says he wants to have an “honest discourse about race,” but I suspect that it’d take only about a minute of real honesty about race to have him melting like a candle.
The 2nd white pundit is one Daniel Johanson, a music critic who is upset that more black people don't get to be in the opera, or don't go watch it. (Do we still have separate but equal venues for opera? Peak Stupidity does particularly keep up with The Opera, sorry.)
Daniel recently penned a bold and trailblazing essay called “Classical Music’s White Male Supremacy is Overt, Pervasive, and a Problem” in some magazine I’ve never heard of before and hope to never hear of again. In Dan’s extended lamentation, he takes music made by white males in a white-male environment to task for being, you know, too white-maley.

Lest you get any weird ideas, Mr. Johanson wants to inform you that he is a white man but is NOT happy about it one bit:

As a white man, there have been and continue to be countless times in which I have needed to recognize that privilege, white supremacy, homophobia, toxic masculinity, and gender normativity are layered issues. It’s easy to call a Nazi a racist because they are so obviously a racist. Not all racists are willing to take up that mantle.

I gotta tell you: The way he describes it, it sounds positively exhausting to be a white man.
The stuff out of the fingers of the 2 black pundits is anti-white asinine drivel. However, Mr. Goad somewhat excuses the racial bull out of these two, as just supporting their "tribe". Per Goad:
I pass no judgment on Franklin Madison or Donyae Coles for two simple reasons:

1. They’re black;
2. They aren’t white.

I expect them to say negative things about white people. It’s like, you know, they’re members of another football team. A modicum of shit-talking is expected.
It's the white guys that are more sick-thinking individuals, as per Goad conclusion:
As for the two white guys, I rain down thunderous and unforgiving judgment upon their soft heads. For all they want to prattle on about what’s wrong with white guys these days, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

The problem with white guys these days is that they think there’s something wrong with being white guys. Once they solve that problem, the rest will be a breeze.
Yeah, not bad stuff, and I just found that Peak Stupidity has mentioned Mr. Goad before with regard to his article The Original Sin of Our Times which was about the disappointment of more SJW's that apparently babies are also racist (as we said "What're ya' gonna do?").

Tuesday - April 30th 2019 12:45PM MST
PS: Also, Emilia, I think I am familiar with at least your Bugs Bunny reference, but I may not have seen the whole Popeye "repertoire".

Thanks again for writing in.
Tuesday - April 30th 2019 12:43PM MST
PS: Hello again, Emilia. Please comment on something current (new posts), please, as no one else will read the ones here (though you may not care, as this is just correspondence, I'd like to get some decent threads going at some point.)

Your suggestion on blacks/whites getting along in the South is a topic that Peak Stupidity did broach here (you've got to copy this and past it in the address line - this commenting system is stupid/simple - no links are allowed): https://www.peakstupidity.com/index.php?post=334 titled: "Just tryin' to be friendly - not worth it hardly anymore."

You can comment on that ~ 2 y/o post, and I'll see it within a day or two, but better yet, I will write a post on this topic, as the back burner is kinda low right now. I am still on that Jonestown kick.
Tuesday - April 30th 2019 9:00AM MST
PS Somebody commented that Loony Tunes introduced kids to classical music. I distinctly remember in Popeye when Popeye's punching an opponent the "Anvil Chorus" from Verdi's Il Trovatore is playing in the background. Similarly, in another cartoon where Popeye is in the bullfighting ring the song "Toreador" plays. And who could forget the Rabbit of Seville!

Thank you for responding, and I'll make further comments (looking to comment on the piece where you say Blacks and Whites get along better in the South than in the North). Await my comment there...
Thursday - January 24th 2019 10:00AM MST
PS: First, thanks for commenting, Emilia. Let me put it this way: if I don't know who any of these people are, then, proportion-to-population-wise, 10 X more black people also don't know who any of these people are. Perhaps its where I live, which is not NY City.

I appreciate the comment though, but I am probably like Jerry Seinfeld in the show, to which Elaine chides "It's really sad that all your knowledge of classical music comes from Looney Tunes." ;-}, so not the guy for a good discussion on opera.

I did really like the movie "Moonstruck", if that helps in just the teensiest way.

I'm all in favor of replacing conductors with robotic metronomes (see https://www.peakstupidity.com/index.php?post=576 - just copy and paste that link into the browser address field).

Anyway, I hope you continue to read here, and I look forward to more comments from you, Emilia.
Thursday - January 24th 2019 9:47AM MST
PS Actually, I don't think Blacks are as disconnected from opera as much of the public believes. For example, there have been a number of Black opera singers, such as soprano Leontyne Price. In addition, some Black singers have adapted traditional opera arias to popular music. Examples include Lloyd Price's "Just Because" (based on the aria "Caro Nome" from Verdi's Rigoletto) and Della Reese's "Don't you know" (from Puccini's Musetta's Waltz in La Boheme). I think it's generally known that "Don't you know" was originally from an opera; with "Just because" less so.
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