"You wear it well ...

Posted On: Wednesday - March 14th 2018 6:54PM MST
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... Madam Onassis got nothin' on you."

The latest verbal projectile vomiting episode by the shower-curtain-decked Orifice of Old Chappaqua, documented here by the always-interesting Steve Sailer, has comments that included the .jpg above from one "Jim Don Bob".

The Peak Stupidty blog could easily come up with some projectile vomit ourselves from the feminist spew out of the antichrist runner-up, oft-called Las Hildabeastamissimo or Las Chupacabra de las Chappaqua by our small but ever-shrinking Spanish-speaking readership.

Rod Stewart has been featured on Peak Stupidity before, with Every Picture Tells a Story and Handbags and Gladrags. This one is called You Wear it Well and is ABSOLUTELY NOT about that sick beast in the picture above, unless you have some kind of chronic lyricosis.

It's from Stewart's 1972 album Never a Dull Moment.

"I suppose you're thinking 'I bet he's drinking, or he wouldn't get in touch with me'." Drinking, hell. It'd take a coupla lines of coke, a half bottle of ludes, and two tabs of windowpane, more like it.

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