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Posted On: Wednesday - March 14th 2018 5:19PM MST
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Uncle Sam wants YOU .. for our social experiments!

This post, part 4 of the series "Battle lines are being drawn..." here on the Peak Stupidity blog will briefly discuss the oft-argued ideas about what the official military forces of the U.S. would do when the nation is out of control. Most preppers will tell you that it will all start from a financial crisis, and that is the Peak Stupidity opinion too. I believe the globalist elites running things would not like it to go that way. They would like to get things under their control before any big crisis, just slowly and steadily. There are The People of the Gun to wipe out first, of course (via population replacement combined with efforts at every opportunity, I mean, drug/law-enforcement/crazy-immigrant - induced mass shooting that knocks. The problem with things coming to a head during a major financial/economic, leading to poltical, crisis, is that all bets are off then, on who will control whom.

Because the US military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and guard units associated, still have the biggest might of any military ever seen (in terms of destructive power), people, such as certain commenters on the Derbyshire article (yeah, it's been a few days), think that there is no fighting this force. Along with that, they think the soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc. will follow US Feral Gov't orders to a "T". I don't think it's going to go that well for them if that's the way they want to play it.

Let's first talk about abilities. The US military is NOT the cohesive force of accumulated skill and experience of say, the 1945 Europe or Pacific theaters. To reverse-paraphrase a moronic General of today's THEATER, "The military has become a casualty of diversity, and that's a tragedy". There, FIFY, General ... SIR! This stuff was happening even back in Korea in the early 1950's between whites and blacks, but you have to dig for that story. It's only over the last 25 years or so, due mostly to the US military being completely unchallenged anywhere on the globe, that the military got into PC Stupidity like the General Patton's 3rd Army into Berlin.

It's not just the serious lack of cohesion and reduced standards of fitness, brainpower, and leadership that result from accepting the women and BLTGQWERTY set into the military. The allowing of recently arrived immigrants from all over the world is another big mistake idea to change these forces. The social experimentation is apparently very much more important than the ability of American forces to fight in a REAL war (not small islands, and countries we've already defeated for the last 15 years). Here's what the idiot General misquoted above actually, said, and I quote: "And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse." That was regarding the mass murder and maiming of soldiers RIGHT ON AN ARMY BASE. Imagine if the base was not in Texas, and the enemy was not already known as a diversity-head-case military psychiatric officer(?!)

The American armed forces headhunters think they'll just get recently arrived immigrants, legal or not, to staff the infantry and other units. "Yeah, we'll make 'em citizens later, that way they'll be, like, on our side and stuff." Umm, hmmm ... wasn't this sort of thing the Roman Empire did just around the time it fell? It isn't like there is not writing from and about that time period, 2,000 years ago - it was one of the great civilizations. Couldn't we learn anything, or are we going to throw out the lessons learned, as in the "minor" invention of running freakin' water? You know, besides that, "WHAT HAVE THE ROMANS EVER DONE FOR US?! (You're gonna have to go to that link for the Monty Python, sorry - and, yes, it is a shame if all you have learned of ancient history is from Monty Python clips on youtube.) I mean, what was the point of even having a civilization, if people in the future aren't gonna learn SQUAT from your mistakes?

OK, to get back to it, besides all the PC idiocy in the American armed forces, the problem is one of LOYALTY. This can be good or bad, depending on whose side one is on. There will be no solid loyalty to America in an external shooting war, but that's not the subject here. These type of soldiers will also have no loyalty to Americans. That means, if ordered to shoot or round up Americans, I don't see why they should have any particular problem with it. That's what makes me think the globalist elites don't act on stupidity alone, as the plan works for them. Where it doesn't work, with regard to the loyalty question, is that newly-supposed-American soldiers won't have too much stake in carrying on any heavy fighting for long against The People of the Gun. They can desert and hightail it home, just like they might after an accidental hit-and-run or an accidental shooting of a pretty lady on a San Francisco pier.

What about these guys, the Special Forces types, that have done all the heaving lifting lately in all the small "actions" that the Neocons have got us involved with all over the world?

Where's the diversity?

These groups are different from the majority of the armed forces - almost all are white guys, tough mentally as well as physically, and Americans. They can get a lot done, if it came down to supressing rebelious patriotic Americans, but then whose side would THEY be on? They may be subject to the PC, but they are smart enough to blow it off. These are perhaps the only units of the US military in which (a whole lot) more than 10% of the troops have read, much less understood, the US Constitution, upon which their oath of service is based.

It is not a clear-cut thing as to which parts of the official military would fight against the American people and which wouldn't. Then we get down to the military might. Yes, it's very organized and still has the hardware that is the envy of the world (oh, and on the world's credit card). However, it just takes some thinking of what went on in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the like, and the counting of forces to realize that it's no sure thing an ENTIRE, UNITED US military could suppress the Americans. Americans have learned something after the Waco seige, Ruby Ridge, the Montana Freemen, and the Bundy folks in Oregon. The main change I see, is that normal, aware, Americans side with these people over the Feral Government. Meanwhile, the diversity, PC, and bureaucracy of the official military, built up over 30 years of domestic peacetime and world dominance, makes me think NO, they wouldn't win.

One post idea has turned into almost a week-long project. Peak Stupidity will wrap this up either Thursday or Friday.

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