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Posted On: Tuesday - March 13th 2018 3:30PM MST
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(Continued from this post)

As mentioned in the first post of this series (latter half) a blogger with the web site "alphecca" had years ago made a page featuring pictures of just ordinary decent Americans with guns. You can read a hunting magazine or site or plenty of NRA stuff and see this, but the people featured in the photos seem more about owning and shooting guns just because we have that right. I found the page, now hosted on ammo.com, right here. It's nothing special, but it leads into this post's topic, which is who or what exactly are the forces representing real America in this cultural war, as opposed to the other side described here and elsewhere in posts with the cntrl-left topic key.

As can be seen in photos and reality, most of the "People of the Gun" are older white men, and the numbers are in the multiple millions. There are more women to be seen at the gun shows than in the past and a sprinkling of other races/ethnicities/etc. Either most young people don't understand the importance, don't have the extra money (pretty likely nowadays), or are so far removed from the real world that they are fine with whatever gun app can be downloaded to their phones. This is something to discuss here. No matter how much American men have grown to distrust the government and the rest of the institutions, and understand the need that may arise, they will grow old and won't be able to help the cause eventually. Just as important defending the 2nd Amendment is control of the education of the young ones.

Posts labeled with Educational Stupidity here have tried to explain the dangers of the stupidity prevalent in American primary schools. The brainwashing, mostly unintentional at the teacher-level, starts very early. There are 13 required years of this crap that must be counteracted by the parents, if we're going to wind up with much of anyone on our side 20 years from now. That's in the public schools, but my experience is that the private schools, especially the formerly-conservative Catholic schools push the same cntrl-left agenda with maybe a tad bit more reading/writing/arithmetic mixed in. The Peak Stupidity blog has praised homeschooling in a series of posts written in late January, inspired by Michelle Malkin, who is damn near at Big Pundit status. Here are part 1, part 2, and part 3. The type of conservatives that ignore libertarian principles are just losing their cause if they don't work to defeat the cntrl-left's efforts to have the children grow up into their side of this cultural war.

Back to the guns now, it's the 10's of millions of normal American with a long history of experience with guns that our side consists of. Well, they have not done a damn thing about what's happening, so what kind of ineffective force are they? That's a very good question and the conclusion of this part. The realization that the country is truly falling apart can take a long time, or even too long, in many patriotic people of the gun. In the past, sure, most agreed "yes, defense against the government(s) is the reason we have our guns", but nothing going on was near serious to warrant implementing this idea from our nation's founders. It's been that boiling frog thing for many decades now. There are two more important points here, about the people on our side:

1) Most "normal" Americans have jobs! There is not the free time available for most to go join together and defend a statue here, or form a march to Washington, FS, or the state capital, at least regularly. It seems the cntrl-left, "studying" or "working" at the universities, keeping regular hours at their government or "Non-profit" jobs, or hanging in Mom's basement, do have the time to work out their acts of violence. This leads to ...

2) Times are not good for anyone but the upper-middle or upper class. Those with blue-collar jobs can't find another one in a week, were they to get trouble due to their political activities. For those in white-collar jobs, it's even more likely that anything seen as a threat to the cntrl-left establishment will result in outing/firing, with more to lose. Of course, as Peak Stupidity implored Americans already, this paycheck-to-paycheck living that is not ordinarily necessary for lots of families is a big part of the problem. Job loss means immediate problems if one doesn't live frugally for the future. Because of the anarcho-tyranny that has been seen in the most blatant fashion recently in Charlottesville, Virginia (the continuing legal version of it being reported on VDare by Jason Kessler, who was heavily involved), the antifa types have almost nothing to worry about in this regard.

It's not a fair fight right now, and most of the American side of these cultural battles has not begun to fight in any meaningful way ... yet. The wrap-up post on this subject will deal with the yet part, along with the role of the official armed forces.

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