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Posted On: Monday - March 12th 2018 9:06PM MST
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(Continued from this post)

"... nobody's right, and everybody's wrong. Young people carrying signs... mostly say 'hooray for our side'."

Let's discuss this whole "army" of the cntrl-left that is against the American people. As mentioned in the last post, all the big institutions of society are filled with cntrl-left cultural or "social justice" warriors that want traditional American society gone. They have taken off their figurative masks and will just come out and say it nowadays. The people in these institutions, the Universities, governments, the big Corps now even, have their friends in the Lyin' Press as their megaphone. The Universities, along with the educational establishment for primary education, also have access to our children for brainwashing into their sick frame of mind. It's a pretty large group.

The other useful idiots of the control left, with much overlap, are the ones who put on their literal masks and go starting violence on the streets. The anarcho-tyranny we are under in this society means they can get away with a lot, while anyone who tries to seriously fight back will end up in jail for a good while. More on this in the susequent post about OUR side.

Just some views of the pictures of these antifa people and others on the cntrl-left would make one think they are not much of a force to be reckoned with, in physical terms. There is that anarcho-tyranny thing though, and favorable press, so it's not a fair fight at all. How do they compare with the same general types of anti-traditionalists that were up to the same demented ways about 100 years ago? There were the Commies of yesteryear that were successful in creating misery for 3-4 generations of Russians and eastern Europeans, who have not really completely recovered yet. Then there were the Commies that were unsuccessful in Germany, but were trouble enough to require a different kind of evil to suppress them. There were the Commies in 1940's China that had their biggest heyday, resembling America's current madness and stupidity, during the 1960's-1970's cultural revolution.

The Commies of old were just as numerous as those today, maybe more so, just due to much poorer economic conditions producing a bigger bounty of useful idiots. The people were much tougher than the student snowflakes and other weak-willed, weak-minded, and weak-muscled pieces of human protoplasm that we see in the streets of Berzerkely, California and Charlottesville, Virginia. "Soft, weak, and stupid is no way to go through life, son(?)" - current-era Dean Wormer. However, back in the days of old, the institutions were not infested with the Commies the way they are today. Governments, especially, did not want to put up with any of their demented crap. That is in stark contrast to the situation in today's America and western Europe.

Soft, weak, and stupid, but backed with massive institutional support:

How can these people in this cultural civil war be dealt with, and what is OUR army made of? Tune in, drop out in tomorrow for this and other posts on the eve of destruction Peak of Stupidity.

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