There is no working mathematical model of the world's climate, dammit! (Part 5)

Posted On: Friday - December 23rd 2016 7:56PM MST
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(Continuation of Part 4)

Where we left off before was a few paragraphs on the complications of mathematical models and why any model of the world climate advertised so far has left out some overridingly-significant physical processes, in particular, the ICE AGES. They were a big deal, and more of a change of climate than even the most extreme climate disruption alarmists have been trying to freak people out about. What would a few degrees up or down in the average global temperature mean, even if caused by humans, compared to thousand mile 100's of yards thick sheets of ice coming down through Canada to scrape Detroit off the map (see there's good news too, right?)?

If the start time of the next ice age can neither be determined by these purported models, nor are there some other empirical calculations of their appearances that can be input to the models, then these models are total crap.

A rebuttal from these people to this will be "well, that is all really-long term, and we are just modeling the medium-term climate". My reply to that is "how do you know, then, if we are not in the beginning phase of the next ice age and, since you don't know squat about this, how could you know if everything your model predicts will be negated, doubled or whatever?"

This writer got into a back-and-forth on-line discussion back in 2009 about climate modeling in the comments section of Mr. Vin Suprynowitz's (a great libertarian) column in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The guy was fairly reasonable and calm, and this discussion went on/off for most of the spring and summer, but unfortunately has been wiped off the web due to re-design of the site (and I'm sure a requirement for non-anonymity also). I brought up the El Nino and La Nina effects. Hey, I've respect for scientists that can at least see cause and effect of the ocean currents, wide-area atmospheric pressure regions and all that. It is great that they can get some idea of coming general weather conditions for areas of the US for one or two seasons ahead. However, as my debating opponent admitted, the El Nino effect is NOT KNOWN ABOUT UNTIL IT IS ALREADY IN PROGRESS. (Same with La Nina, the opposite effect). So, I asked the gentleman if El Nino/La Nina are INPUTS to, or OUTPUTS from, these climate models. The answer is neither.

The next post on this will be off of the overview of the descriptive science and modeling and on to the reasons for this hype/hoax about something that should be just an ongoing field of science, not a wet dream for control freaks all around the world.

George Carlin continues where leaves off:

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