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Posted On: Thursday - December 1st 2016 7:23PM MST
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In keeping with my goal, mentioned in the previous post, of sticking to the supposed subject of this blog, I will just tell a quick story related to this new choice-of-bathrooms thing.

At some tables at the outdoor part of the bar/grill, I was waiting for friends so couldn't help from hearing the two couples eating together at the next table, oh, and drinking a bunch too. They were talking about some law in North Carolina, which was either fighting this bathroom stupidity or adding to it - I can't remember. At least one of the women was pro relieve-yourself-wherever-you-identify, and the husbands were arguing it was ridiculous. It was all a pretty friendly discussion, and I guess entirely theoretical till I came by.

I had gotten some change out of the car, walking back brought me by their table. I was all "Hey, I heard what y'all were saying a minute ago. I'm just letting you know that I'm a woman" (I'm not, by any means.) "I'm gonna go take a piss now." They all laughed, but I kinda wish I'd thought of this last part: "Any one want to come with me? We always go in pairs, right?"

Man, it used to be so easy. I've got enough decisions to make; which bathroom to walk into shouldn't be another one. Well, one time I was drunk enough to have already peed in the women's restroom in the Red Onion restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles, California a long time back. I saw how nice and tidy the place was and I was wondering why they had pulled out all the urinals. That's all it took to figure it out. (Oh, once in a while the W will flip to an M, if it's only got one nail - that can be a problem ....)

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