Black history month ends - but we still got a long way to go ...

Posted On: Friday - March 9th 2018 6:59AM MST
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... to OVERCOME this ... whatever. We got through February, I guess we learned a lot, what, a thousand pilots, a few hundred of which flew overseas seemed to have won WWII for us, and we feel we have OVERCOME adversity, dieversity, university (black-studies final exams)... Yeah, OK. It's March, but we still gots lots of stuff to OVERCOME.

We at the Peak Stupidity blog are just gob-smacked, gob-smacked, I tell you, that the raciss legacy of slavery has still not been OVERCOME at the US Postal Service, General Wilfred Brimely, acting Commander-in-Chief. Just below is a web-ad that appeared on our screen right gob-smack in the middle of Black History month:

What, don't understand the problem here? You must be one of those white guys, with the racism embedded deep down in your bones, like a Seinfeld video embedded in Peak Stupidity. DO! THE! MATH! PEOPLE! Look at the price of that stamp with the black guy on it (apparently a great rodeo rider - who knew?) 29 cents, people, while stamps with white people go for, what, like 49 cents? That is just BELOW 3/5, man! At least in the bad old days, the votes of blacks were set at an EVEN 3/5 the value of whites (by the Yankees, in case you didn't know, as that reduced the Southern vote - yes, that's why).

I can't even literally imagine ... we thought we had come so far, and Øb☭ma was gonna force us to all get along, but 8 years later, some jive-ass Postmaster General pulls this shit?!

I can't even figuratively look at another ad like this, I tells ya'. What is the deal with the internet? I realize that the placement of web ads is not an exact science, but it'd sure be nice to go back to seeing those ads of Oriental girls in bikinis that used to randomly come up about every time a new page loaded. Racism sucks, Oriental bikini girls not so much ...

... as I'd like!

As much as we all should lock arms and march to Washington, FS to complain and OVERCOME this shit, I don't think the Postmaster General is someone you want to mess with:

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