The China to King Buffet pipeline

Posted On: Thursday - March 8th 2018 7:56PM MST
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Hide the kitties, and call the ICE men

Chinese illegal immigration has been going on for a long time, but I think it's on a pretty big scale now. I wouldn't be surprised if it is of the same order-of-magnitude as that from Mexico/Central America. Yes, it's hard to get numbers.

As a related digression, in this post last fall, Peak Stupidity speculated that one sees Indians, not of the woo-woo persuasion, even in small towns in the middle of nowhere. This stuff is planned out, it's not just some lone wild-eyed DREAMERS coming across the frontier two oceans and a coupla continents on an Airbus 330 (or the other way, one big-ass ocean eastbound).

Back to the Chinese contingent, this activity works kind of exponentially. The more Chinese people, whether having come legally or illegally, the easier it is for illegal immigrants to blend in. Are you going to pick them out? This is not to denigrate the many legal Chinese families that have been here a long while, long enough to assimilate (possibly?), who wouldn't take too kindly to illegals that have avoided the struggle with the US gov't immigration bureaucracy. They may look down on the newcomers for other reasons too.

All that aside, there are not just the Chinatowns in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles anymore; hell, NYC has 3 Chinatowns, the Manhattan one being the original with the Hong Kong immigrants. The ones in Flushing (Queens) and somewhere in Brooklyn have newcomers from the "mainland". If you think these people all went through proper channels to come here, you don't know China, and you don't even know America (current-era). However, the smaller cities, especially those with Universities and even 2,000 people small towns, have got Chinese illegal aliens, which will be explained in a bit here. As we speculated here, there may be a couple of million illegal Chinese people in America by now.

This brings up places like the King Buffet, China Wok, Canton Garden, Red Dragon, Red Lotus, Red Guard Cafe (hold on, wait!), etc. The Peak Stupidity blog does not do "scoops" per se, as we don't have Woodward and Bernstein on the staff [we fired those 2 Commies years ago - Editor]. This as close as we can get, as we have two sources, one Chinese and one American, that have made it clear that just about all the waiters and waitresses at the Chinese buffets in our area are illegal aliens. There is no reason that wouldn't be the case all over this country, as we are not special here.

Staff at these restaurants have talked in Chinese to my source, and though not discussing the whole process by which they arrived in this area, made it clear enough just from the chat. The American source is in the know, due to a friendship with the owner of one of the biggest of these places, with my estimate being 30 or so wait staff. The owner has described how these employees are arranged to come a couple of days bus ride from Newark, New Jersey. He described the plain white charter-type buses, and how these people are shuffled around over great distances to other "gigs" before ... what next? ...

... Yeah, what is the deal? This is basically indentured servitude, a practice that was the route for many a European immigrant to get a toe-hold in America right on through the time of the Revolution. Yes, it's about like that, but without a written contract, yet lots safer now, I'm sure. My point here is that this is a highly organized thing for at least this sector of the economy. You're going to be hard pressed to see any town of over a coupla thousand people without a Chinese restaurant, and, for what it's worth, the web says there are about 50,000. Some are small and may have 2 or even no waiters, but many have >10 and including families, this could easily add up to 1/2 million people. Add in the parents/siblings of the > 300,000 Chinese students at American universities at one time, many of whom will stay and the numbers can get large quickly.

It won't do this writer or anyone else much good to bring these goings-on to the governments here who want and protect this sort of thing. Hopefully, this will change, but I'm not expecting it, really.

Yeah, they're good people for the most part, but the screwing-up of the labor market, the cheating on the welfare and taxes (LOADS of that one), and just the destruction of the American culture makes this a bad thing.

Not a lick of English, I'm guessing, but she's cute.

That's the thing though, you go to one of these places, support illegal aliens, hook up with the young lady above, and 3 hours later you're horny and hungry again ... and with a guilty conscience ... unless you're going to make a legal an honest woman out of her.

Now, by this point, the video below is pretty much obligatory, ain't it?

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