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Posted On: Thursday - March 8th 2018 10:08AM MST
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Birth of Virginia Dare in the New World

(Forgive the lack of resolution in the photo.
This was well before the iPhone 3, if you can believe that!)

Being #2* on the Peak Stupdity blog blog-roll should mean a lot to someone ... anyone? This writer has been a VDare reader since the early 2000's, and it must have been just after they started up. VDare says in the masthead**, aka "title bar" (careful, that's "title"), that they are "The premier outlet for patriotic immigration reform", and I believe they are. In the review to the right, I wrote that two of the site's writers named James, Mr. Fulford and Mr. Kirkpatrick are the "meat and potatoes" of VDare. By that I mean that these two don't necessarily specialize in certain areas of immigration, but just cover a lot, write a significant chunk of the articles/blogs on there, and, well, I agree with them about 99%, steadily. As it is without meat and potatoes, without these 2 you may read the website, and feel un-agitated again 3 hours later.

To look for a graphic to put up top of this article, I came upon the "About" page. Lo and behold, it had these two "meat and potatoes of the site" writers as the only 2 below Mr. Peter Brimelow and his wife Lydia, who runs the business end of the operation. It says "WE THE ( PEOPLE", and just those 4 are on the page.

I just wanted to link to one of each of these guy's latest articles, as per usual, they are good reading about serious topics or areas of stupidity.

James Kirkpatrick wrote GOP Must Confront America’s Emerging Totalitarian Left–Or Die on Monday. He describes just how radically hard-left the Democrat Party and what Peak Stupidity calls the cntrl-left have become. Although this article is about more than just the immigration topic, that is lots of what Mr. Kirkpatrick covers here:
Even pro forma adherence to concepts of citizenship and legality are becoming passé with startling speed. Chicago is essentially granting illegal aliens the right to vote by accepting an identification card created for illegals as valid for voter registration. [New Chicago ID card created for undocumented immigrants will be accepted for voter registration, by Scott Bertram, Illinois News Network, February 23, 2018] It was recently revealed a Mexican illegal stole an American’s identity and stole hundreds of thousands in government benefits. [Mexican man assumes American’s identity for 37 years, steals $361,000 in government benefits, by Kristina Davis, San Diego Union-Tribune, March 3, 2018] This is especially noteworthy because California U.S. Senate Democratic grassroots favorite Kevin de Leon has commented favorably on foreigners using identity theft to stay in the country. [California State Senate Leader: ‘Half My Family’ Here Illegally, by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Breitbart, February 5, 2017]

Recent testimony in a lawsuit over voter fraud alleges over 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, with similar problems in Virginia and New Jersey [Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, February 26, 2018]. Almost without notice, the narrative on voter fraud has moved from “voter fraud doesn’t happen” to “voter fraud is actually good.”
BTW, there are links all within the block quote here and the rest of the article on VDare. They are all about hyperlinks there to support their ideas with additional reading material. I have left out all of the VDare links only based on time. Please read the whole article anyway, along with ...

... James Fulford wrote The Democrats Are Real Party Of School Violence—Because It’s Committed By Minorities on Tuesday. This discusses the idea, most-likely first foreseen years (as far as pundits go)years back that the equal-discipline-across-races policies that schools were implementing were going to be real trouble. In this case, it sounds like they were a major contributing factor in the deaths of those 17 Floridian high-school kids.

Because this article is more of a bunch of excerpts of articles explaining how this anti-school-to-prison pipeline deal has been pushed-for, started and been running, along with Mr. Fulfords additional facts and information, I can't excerpt it well myself. Here is just the intro, then:
So we’ve now learned that Broward County’s determination to avoid the “School To Prison Pipeline” led to its failure to arrest school shooter Nikolas Cruz before he did his school shooting. Similarly, Trayvon Martin was suspended from school rather than arrested for possession of stolen jewelry, which why he was in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood to make his potentially lethal but unsuccessful attack on Zimmerman. As Steve Sailer might say: can we Notice a Pattern?

Basically, the Left’s position on crime and violence in schools is: “leave those kids alone” —because crime and violence in schools are committed disproportionately by blacks.

To give Mr. Fulford even more credit here, he writes near the bottom of the article, with links to his earlier writings "I wrote an article ten years ago called Civil Rights Law Doesn`t Care If You Die—because failing to “racially profile” can get people killed.

Of course, our only friend in the world within Big Pundit has arrived on the scene too, with her latest column, Racial Quotas In School Discipline Kill Kids, published on Wednesday (so good stuff every day there!).

It could easily have been written by anyone who's read and especially Mr. Steve Sailer, over the years. Sailer really gets into the whole parents/school admissions/grades/connections thing - it's just one of his many "things". One should be forgiven for thinking Miss Coulter got her ideas directly off of VDare. So what if she did, anyway, she's our mole inside the Big Pundit apparatus.

Miss Coulter's article is her second on this "school-to-prison" pipeline, which, here on the Peak Stupidity blog, could be easily called the "prison-to-prison" pipeline the way even the elementary schools are run these days. See The modern grade school as medium-security correctional facility. Hey, you don't even have to leave this page - Save the Planet!

* #1, Zerohedge, is still good reading, and number 1 in "commenter style" too! However, I cannot even use the site on this computer, or I should say with the browser that works for almost everything else. That's a shame, so ZH is not my most-read site, as I only view it from mobile devices. Get your act together, Tyler Durden, or Tyler Durden's geeks!

** Meanwhile, the Peak Stupidity banner, but not title bar, has 1 calculus equation and 1 calculus inequality, so there's that... they represent the condition of a continuous function being at a peak (could be a local maximum, or global, that's not defined by the math above, but I say, yeah, pretty sure global!) BTW, I've got to put something in the real Title Bar. Somehow, I'd thought there was something there.

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