Tucker Carlson debates San Franciscan illegal-invasion defender

Posted On: Tuesday - March 6th 2018 7:52PM MST
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Mr. Tucker Carlson hasn't graced the pages of the Peak Stupidity blog in well-nigh a half-year now. Man, time flies ... yet stupidity just keeps on plodding along. Here we have a guy who is doing his best to defend the State of California against Tucker's contention that this place, "as world famous as Eden" (his words, but Peak Stupidity called it Paradise) 50 years back has turned into a shithole (our words, not Tucker's). Mr. Ethan Bearman is not one of the idiots featured in our early Tucker Carlson clips, really. He just tries his best BS to defend everything about what is destroying the former paradise.

Both Mr. Bearman and Mr. Carlson (a tad bit) exaggerate in their words, but from 3:55 on, Mr. Carlson asks Mr. Bearman if he will admit that massive immigration has had EVEN ONE bad effect on the state. Mr. Bearman turns this around like he is an interviewee in front of some Human Resources dingbat (more on them in a coming post) with a line like "My only fault is that I make people resent me for my intelligence and great people skills ... " Bearman tells him ... no, I won't spoil it. Bearman just jumps the shark at the end there. Hahahaaa! Tucker Carlson's expressions and mutterings are just priceless!

Please, if your time is so precious, then just go to 03:55. You will not regret it. Good bullshitters are hard to find, I guess.

I came upon this from a blog post on VDare by Miss Brenda Walker, who is one of their many excellent writers. She specializes in the human factors aspect of massive immigration's destruction of America, most especially of California, where she has lived for a long time.

Wednesday - March 7th 2018 11:09AM MST
PS - will read it in a few hours...running out of time. Thanks, John.
John from Romania
Wednesday - March 7th 2018 10:59AM MST
PS https://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/politics/foreign/divers.htm
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