Something there is that doesn't love a wall ... Part 2

Posted On: Wednesday - February 28th 2018 2:56PM MST
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Continuing with the topic of border walls, from here, in this post I include more on border protection from the essay on "walls" by Westley Parker. Walls is in quotes, just because the word should be applied more generally for other southern border to any barrier that WORKS. Yes, Mr. Trump uses "wall" because he is not a details guy in any way - he's no engineer, technician, mechanic, or computer type who must get the details right. It sounded good, and, not to disparage him, but he sure knows sound bites and tweets, doesn't he?

The picture of the top is of a simple two-fence border barrier separating Kuwait from Saudi Arabia (probably paid by your tax money .... don't worry, this would be CHUMP CHANGE in the grand scheme of things.) The picture is taken from the Saudi side, but who would know, or care, for that matter? How simple is this? It's just two runs of barb-wired-topped chain link fence, maybe 8' or 10' high - hard to tell from the picture. Easy to climb em both, you say? ("You build a 20' fence, I'll find a guy who stole a 21' ladder from Home Depot." Who was that, Juan McAmnesty? I don't know.) Sure it is easy to climb, but there'd be no point if a jeep or hummer would be down a road in the middle to come arrest you as soon as you climbed the first one. How long will people trek 500 miles in the hot desert knowing all but a few devious/lucky ones will be sent right back?

People - and I don't mean you erudite readers, I mean the public - THIS! IS! NOT! ROCKET! SURGERY! The Peak Stupidity blog laid out just back-o-the-envelope estimates on this. Yeah, we may be 100% high on our estimate, or giving a number 25% of a real Feral-Gov't well-padded number. It doesn't matter much; again, it's CHUMP CHANGE.

America could do much better than the barrier shown above, but please go to the the Westley Parker essay, to look at more pics, as it has lots of them - note the series at the bottom. It's much easier to understand the idea of preventing illegal entry by looking at the pictures than reading or viewing the bloviation of the Lyin' Press.

The essay is not a complete survey of all the border barriers around the world and their effect, but Mr. Parker does show a number of good bar graphs of results. One example he gives is of a just > 100 mile fence between Hungary and Serbia/Croatia. This was the Hungarians doing, and the reader may have read about the bang-up job that the formerly Commie East Bloc countries have been doing to prevent the Euro-Union caused invasion of people from all over the 3rd world from affecting their lands. Either these people's leaders just have more sense (very likely) than the West's, or the leaders have guts enough to drop the PC and stand up for their people. Back to the essay now, Peak Stupidity has left out a pic of the simple fence that was constructed at about $1 million/mile just due to it being big pixel-wise. It was simple-looking, and something tells me the cost was after a big mark-up. Here are the results of this most simple, though surely guarded fence, though:

"Walls don't work! You're wasting our money!" OK, then, just a simple high fence or two with a road in the middle, 10's of thousands of $50 cameras and a station every mile with a coupla armed BP guys with a vehicle will do the trick. Too much money? Nah, with conservative back-o-the-envelope calculations, Peak Stupidity estimated the recurring costs as ~ 2 hours to 1/2 a day of each year's Feral Gov't spending! Again, CHUMP CHANGE.

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