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Posted On: Tuesday - February 27th 2018 7:05PM MST
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This short, humorous Steve Sailer post titled "The Establishment is Getting a Tad Xenophobic", involved aliens, then Mel Gibson movies in the comments. Guns have been a general topic of late in in the news, of course. Therefore, to make use of some comments made on unz, I figure it's high time for another "movie review". Yeah, it's in quotes because I don't do real movie reviews. Again, I don't care who's the director. I don't care about the lighting unless you can't see anything. Who are the actors? I don't (much) care. Are the actresses hot? They'd better be. I don't care how much money the movie made or lost. How did this director frame that scene and how did he follow the story line? I don't know, and I don't care. Peak Stupidity claims to be neither the next Siskel nor the next Ebert.

Okeedokey then, let's calm down here. This is just something I've thought about a few times since watching M. Night Shamalam(?)'s movie Signs from back in 2002. I almost returned it to the video store not finished, as I have done a few times in the past, back in the days when they were VHS tapes: "Oh, sorry, what happened? Did the tape get jammed? Is it washed-out?" "Nope, it just sucks." "OK, then, do you want your money or another one?" I guess I was a member in good standing, as I remember having some kind of yellow membership card.

I didn't return this particular movie, as I did want to find out what happened to all these tall skinny aliens that had come to Earth for no good. Mel Gibson was a widower living with his kids and some other dude in a farmhouse, as he was a farmer. This is important to the whole one point of this post, to be made in a minute, but here is Mr. Gibson's movie farmhouse and the family:

Farmhouse before alien invasion.

At some point, the aliens that had come to Earth, ended up committing a home invasion, in cop-speak, on Mr. Gibson's place.

Aliens committing a home invasion in Signs. I've seen a lot tougher aliens

Here's my whole point that I've been keeping inside since I almost returned the movie, but didn't just to find out what it would take to really hurt these nasty aliens: Mel Gibson lived on a farm. He had to fight these bastards with a baseball bat, per the long-ago advice of his injured and dying wife - her last words, in fact, were "swing away". What American farmer, for crying out loud, does not own, at the very least, a shotgun? You show me one. Show me the guy. This PC hoplophobic crap just ruined any last believability in this movie*.

Got an alien invasion? Here's your answer:

It's the same as in any home invasion. Use a shotgun, not a baseball bat, for better effect (advice null and void in New York and New Jersey). Peak Stupidity asks no remittance from Mr. M. Night Shamalam on this one. We are nothing if not generous in our advice here, even to rich bastards like this Shamalam. Who in hell writes his name like that anyway? I can think of only F. Scott Fitzgerald and J. Edgar Hoover offhand. Just use your first or middle name, like a normal human being, or pay your $300 at the courthouse and change it. Crimeny!

Since this is SOME kind of movie review here, let me explain the mystical/religious part. See, long before, the wife's dying words were mystically from the future, somehow with the knowledge of what Mel Gibson would face later with the aliens. She said "swing away", and it sounded like just dying-word gibberish, but the viewer (who hasn't had the movie spoiled already) realizes the mystical aspect when Gibson remembers her words as he makes good connections with the skulls of some of these alien sickos with his Louisville Slugger.

Shamalam could have saved the movie by NOT being PC and afraid to admit the value of firearms. The wife's dying words should have (had Peak Stupidity screenwritten this piece-o-shit) more like: "Lock and load .... owwww... center of mass .... ohhhhh .... center of mass!"

*Yeah, true, it's not like aliens that came to Earth in spaceships, would not have an idea that this planet's surface area is 3/4 water, when water was POISON TO THEM, right? [Go where the water isn't! /Kinnison] Oh, did I spoil it for you? It's just as well - the movie sucked.

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