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Posted On: Tuesday - February 27th 2018 5:48PM MST
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... yeah, I'll tell you, Robert Frost, what doesn't love a wall - Globalism.

What's not to love?

There is a nice picture-filled article by a man named Westley Parker on VDare here and here on American Renaissance called "Border Walls Work…All Over The World". Mr. Steve Sailer put up a quick post also to point out this article, but it has lots of great thoughtful comments, with one MAJOR, notable exception, the host of the whole website! (More on this further down) This original post on the "walls" is a nice non-comprehensive survey of different types of national border walls/fences/barriers from various countries, many of which Americans would not know of or care about the reasons for the barriers to entry. The structure of these different border barriers vary widely too, and some nice bar graphs display results of the implementation of said barriers (at least for the ones shown - results are damn good).

Please read the article and check at the pictures and other graphics. I'll call it an essay from here on, the way it's laid out. We've heard the talk now for 2 1/2 years running now about a "wall" of some sort between the US and Mexico, and it's good to see how it's been working out elsewhere. Peak Stupidity will neither repeat the essay nor quote anything this time, as our few pictures here may be worth a lot of words. However, we have various comments that come to mind on "The Wall" for America.

First, I'd like to note that, after the first 20 or so, 20-30, maybe more, comments on the AmRen post linked-to above, are just 2 guys arguing back and forth. That can happen at weird hours sometimes, but I'm commenting on it here to bring up a point. The argument is between an open-borders libertard (Reason magazine type) named "BigFish92672" and a Conservative named "Greg Thomas". The argument somewhat follows the Libertarian/Conservative divide featured here but with a big dose of stupidity on Mr. BigFish's (L-tard)part and a small piece of stupidity-of-omission by Mr. Thomas (Conservative). The fiscal conservative in the L-tard comes out, and we have no argument with that. However, the argument that this American border barrier is significant in terms of cost is just completely bogus. Yet, the Conservative never even brings up that argument, just that it's necessary anyway (yeah, no argument from us there either).

The problem is that with all the hoopla and infotainment in the Lyin Press, especially the TV division, even decent AmRen readers are suckered in by this stuff. The money is NOT a factor, as Peak Stupidity has covered here in terms of cost-to-build and here in terms of maintenance. Even to round up from those posts, which were pretty conservative, estimate-wise, building this wall will take 1/2 a day of the Feral Government spending-year and maintenance of it half of that per year. It is an insignificant amount of the Feral budget, but taking away all the transfer payments that are a big part of the government, it is still a very minor amount of "discretionary" spending. Guarding the borders of your nation should not be considered discretionary, but let's just go with government-speak for understanding.

These numbers match within 1/4 order-of-magnitude some of the cost numbers from the essay in question regarding border barriers around the world. Any kind of cost-benefit analysis would be a futile, silly gesture. It would need to account for not only calculable things like many billions in un-due welfare benefits, tremendous emergency-room costs, school costs, infrastructure costs for a bigger population, but the incalculable stuff like, I dunno, ruination of neighborhoods, ruination of the environment, loss of peace and quiet, loss of decent job prospects, loss of safety and security, ruined futures for families, loss of community, and the loss of the nation itself. It all adds up, right?

Next, let me go to the thoughtful and non-thoughtful comments under the Steve Sailer post linked-to above. The site, one of the few here on the Peak Stupidity blogroll to the right, is one hell of a well-functioning website and features some great writers, along with some wackos. (See our review) However, Mr. Ron Unz, the big-time computer guy and rich conservative benefactor, chimes in only rarely, but in the comments there - comment #5. I've seen it before on there and mostly held my tongue fingers, just out of respect for the man, as I appreciate the unz site, more than any other as of late. However, the guy's comments, at least half the time, are just downright ignorant and silly. No, he's not a stupid man, of course. It just seems as if Mr. Unz writes from an ivory tower (possibly his "ivory neighborhood"). He has absolutely no idea of the "conditions on the ground", so to speak.

Mr. Unz has repeated his statement that only 5% of immigrants are illegal aliens. Firstly, how do you know that when they have, by defintion come in through non-legal channels and are not counted. True, this is not all across the border, as we have discussed here. However, there are very many Mexican/Guatamalen/Salvadorian people, in most states in this nation, and almost of them got here via that southern open-border. The 5% illegal alien numbers, even if it were just for border invaders, as Mr. Unz's comment included "the wall is just boob bait for Bubbas", is way off.

Many of the people who end up here illegally via other pathways are those who overstay visas - basically forever. They are probably not mostly Hispanic, but so what? How will you pick out an illegal Chinaman in Chinatown? These people may have originally came here legally, but on a non-immigrant visa (tourist mostly, or temp-work visas). They are still illegals, and Mr. Ron Unz's determination number of 5% was not just rectal extraction, but poorly-done rectal extraction at that!

This post was not meant to denigrate Mr. Unz, but to illustrate the situation with some examples and points. His comment, though, got plenty of good thoughtful replies and here's one: Even it the efficiency of the wall is not all that Americans hope, it has the great benefit of showing the world, and more importantly, the internal Globalist elite, that we are a nation that wants to remain a nation and control who lives here.

It'd be a great start, with follow-up steps of work-place enforcement, deportation upon an arrest for even a parking ticket, and then a 90% reduction in legal immigration. Here's a point from this writer as another argument against "the wall won't matter, let's not bother". If any real steps to stop illegal immigration get put into place, the flow will find the path of least resistance. Many who may have come in through an airport before may have to come in via the southern route due to more resistance on the former route. The wall or barrier needs to be up then.

Hey, readers, I believe I bit off way more than I can chew in one post, as I need at least one more post on this. I never even got to Robert Frost here, so they'll be a follow-up post or two momentarily*.

"momentarily" on the Peak Stupidity blog uses our own Peak Stupidity definition which is "adverb - usually, sometime this week".

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