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Posted On: Monday - February 26th 2018 5:37PM MST
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Peak Stupidity almost prides itself now in being un-timely, but for a viral video? [C'mon, man! - Ed.]. Yeah, I wanted to write a post on border walls but just can't seem to get in the mood for a serious post, so this was on the back-burner for quite a while, gettting sautéed. (Hey, software is so cool now, putting that gay accent mark on sauteed for me - thanks, spell-check, we are not worthy!).

Alex Jones, of InfoWars is in pretty good standing with the Peak Stupidity blog. I always appreciate a man who stands up on principle*, and Mr. Jones is a stand-up guy for sure. Yeah, he's a bit over the top, and I don't agree with all his opinions. His respect for Liberty and the US Constitution certainly makes up for all that though.

About the only thing that stops me from watching more video of the guy, is that his voice is just about gone. I always feel that he could use just to swallow a glass of water and then go on, but he never does. Unfortunately, he is not particularly much of a writer, so he must be watched to be understood - it's just hard to put up with that voice after a while. That's too bad, but not a recommendation to avoid the guy and InfoWars by any means.

We would hope Mr. Jones would have a sense of humor, and his viewers too, as the "Indie Folk Song" on youtube below is hiarious, no matter whether you hate him or love him. I don't even know whether the producer of the video meant this in detest for the man or not. A viewer named Crab Legs, most likely not his real name, wonders about youtube doctoring of the numbers:
"it's kind of creepy that youtube went out of their way to delete views and likes for a parody video, makes you wonder if what he was saying was kind of true."

The post on border walls, hell, any kind of walls, is coming tomorrow.

*Unless, of course, his principles are highly stupid, such as those of the Commies ( posts on Socialism/Communism here.) At some point Stupidity + Power = Evil.

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