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Posted On: Tuesday - February 20th 2018 12:37PM MST
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The Norwegian TV-pundit/comedian, Mr. Harald Eia, featured in the 38 minute video below does a humorous, yet still serious, job debunking some of the worst notions of the feminists, that somehow male and female babies have different reproductive parts, but are somehow exactly the same otherwise. It's worth watching the whole thing, even though you must put up with subtitles, as the voices are Norwegian - except for the parts in which the host, Mr. Eia interviews English speakers. I've found out since watching that this is from a series of 7 videos named "Hjernevask", which means "brainwash" in Norwegian. This one can be seen alone though, without missing anything, in my opinion, but I may look up the rest.

This is the type of "60 Minutes" style interviewing, except much brighter and funnier, in which the interviewer goes back and forth from one interviewee with an opinion to another with the opposite, and then back again for a confrontation or two. The confrontations are interesting but almost hard-to-watch as these full-of-it gender-neutral "researchers" get caught with no science behind them. Yet, Mr. Eia always comes across nicely, and is great to watch. I wish he spoke English all the time - well, he can, it seems, but of course the show was made for Norwegian TV.

This next tidbit is something that's been bugging me for a while, yet maybe it's too small a deal for it's own post. It's from the schools, I'm guessing, as the kid comes home telling me a bit about "One person did this ...", in the case when a name is not known, but the sex is. It's very weird really, and he doesn't get it from home, of course. An example is probably needed "One person from the other class was hogging the monkey bars ..." See, he saw the kid, and I'd have said "one boy" or "one girl", as seems normal. No, it may not matter in this case what sex the "person" in question was, but it's just part of normal English, is it not?

"I talked to a woman today at the park about the free days at the zoo ..." Yeah, a man at the park could have told me the same thing, but it seems like the sex of individuals just is commonly given. "The woman told me that you need to talk to someone near the front ... ". OK, she didn't know the sex of that person, cause it could be anyone. If she did, she'd say though, unthinkingly. "Last time, we went over to a man near the entrance and..."

Sometimes it may matter, even when the speaker doesn't know it does: "Yeah, she told me that it may be the clutch making that noise." "Uh, whatever." "Yeah, he told me that it may be the clutch making that noise." "Oh, I need to go talk to that guy." How 'bout: "She said that Pampers really are better than those other diapers." "OK, glad you told me before I stocked up on that other crap." "He told me that Pampers really are better than those other diapers." "Uh, whatever."

Anyway this new gender-neutral, 3rd person, known-sex terminology is just plain weird. I'd chalked it up to feminism, but I had 2nd thoughts a while back. This may be more of a PC thing about not hurting the feelings of the actual gender-benders themselves. Maybe she looks like a girl but says she ain't one? We are not even supposed to notice what sex the other kids are now, I guess, oh except on Valentine's Day. So, there's that, at least ...

[UPDATED 7/19/18:]
Original video has been removed - no idea when. I think this one is the same (has same length, but PS apologies if it doesn't fit this post exactly anymore.

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