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Posted On: Friday - February 16th 2018 11:47AM MST
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I mean, you can't just go around making hypotheses and sifting through data to try to support or negate these hypotheses, and making conclusions, and suggesting further theorizing, observation, or experimentation, I don't care what your science teacher said. Science must be raciss, then, so cut it out!

Forgive us for this is, albeit more-rare-lately "Hey, read this!" type post. However, the VDare article, The IQ Gap And The Science Fair Project–Diversity Makes Even Smart People Stupid, makes a few great points that may not be found on just any even UNBIASED account of some science fair stupidity from out in Sacramento, Californ-eye-eh. (OK, well, California, yeah, but it's still part of the US, far as the Peak Stupidity blog has heard - we're not always completely up-to-date, so go check.)

From the "Sacramento Bee" article (gotta love that original name for a newspaper, I'll give em that):
The project that started the controversy was titled “Race and IQ.” It raised the hypothesis: “If the average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, then the racial disproportionality in (HISP) is justified.”
That wasn't even the conclusion, just the hypothesis, but I'm pretty sure the "Bee" didn't want to hear the conclusion. The problem the cntrl-left is running into on this latest bout of primary-school truth-telling, a big, big no-no, is that the young scientist-in-obviously poortraining is an Oriental kid. How can this project be raciss, then? Crap, what to do? What to say? It's nothing if not a conundrum. VDare says:
You can almost sense the frustration in the article from the reporters because they can’t call the student a Nazi or a white supremacist. He’s Asian, the group which statistically has the most realistic view of the racial IQ gap. [VDare has links to all kinds of data not shown here.]
Human biodiversity shows different groups, on average, have different capabilities. This is simply a fact, based on the best research we have. As we are a modern society, not some primitive tribe, we look at scientific evidence to determine truth, we don’t just work backwards from our feelings and demand the world conform to our wishes.

Disagree? Show me evidence that proves me wrong. If the evidence does show there is no racial intelligence gap, then people who believe in HBD are wrong and they should change their minds. That’s how the human species progresses.

But for some reason, we don’t do that when it comes to racial differences in intelligence. We simply make claims about absolute equality based on no evidence. And when someone denies these claims, we determine “outrage” is sufficient reason to silence that person. No less lofty a personage than “Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent” Jorge Aguilar [Email him] has made an emotional video denouncing the episode, and, subtly, promoting open borders policies.
OK, this is a lot of the article, but here comes a great point:
One also has to ask why sparking “outrage” is sufficient reason for a scientific hypothesis to be opposed. After all, many people were “outraged” by a scientific theory which they thought denied the truth of Scripture. Many people were “outraged” by the connotation they were descended from apes and monkeys and not simply created by God in the Garden of Eden. Many people blame the introduction of theory of evolution for driving God out of the classroom and so opening the door to the immorality and vulgarity which plagues classrooms today.

Yet the feelings of such people are routinely mocked in the media, going all the way back to the 1960 film Inherit The Wind, if not before. Apparently, the feelings of some people are more important than others.
Yes, back in the day, not quite a century back, when the teaching of evolution was being pushed into the primary schools, there were big political battles about it. Whatever you think about it, there was no worry from the progressives of just regular science-trusting folks on about the fact that this curriculum being forced upon the schools was hurtful to their religious culture, making them feel bad, whatever. As the last sentence in the quote of VDare says, it's perfectly OK to offend Christians and/or white people, in the name of science. Rightly so on that, but this offensiveness has gone WAY beyond science. Additionally, it is hypocritical for these "race denialists" to be stopping science due to worries about hurt feelings.

The end of the VDare article has another good point, about the schools, but I may leave that for another short post on this same story.

BTW, this particular article shows the author just being "Virginia Dare" - that's the web-site meme, as noted in the Peak Stupidity website review. I guess this stuff is worrisome to whatever good writer was responsible - READ THE WHOLE THING.

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