Dr. Ron Paul, E-verify as a Liberty vs. Conservatism conundrum

Posted On: Tuesday - February 13th 2018 10:30AM MST
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A real American patriot -
about the ONLY politician that should appear by the American flag

Ron Paul, in his weekly punditry column, wrote against the implementation of the anti-illegal-employment E-verify program. I link here to his article on Zerohedge and here to the same article on the unz site, due to the fact that there are two sets of different kinds of commenters, yet good discussion on both. The Peak Stupidity blog has just recently tried to convince the reader(s) that libertarians (including Dr. Paul) have a lot they must learn from conservatives, and vice versa.

In the case of E-verifiy, supported as a very important part of real immigration-invasion reform by the respected VDare people, this clash between these two ideologies provides a conundrum, as it were (gotta like that "conundrum" one, makes me sound like a real pundit). It reminds me of the real US Supreme Court tough decisions, back in the day before it was totally politically corrupted. As discussed near the middle of this post, two different parts of the US Constitution, usually in the Bill of Rights, would be in conflict regarding the implementation of the law in question. That court was doing it's job back then.

E-verify is a way to stop employers from getting away with hiring illegal aliens. Serious immigration patriots think, pretty reasonably, in my opinion, that people will be deterred from illegal entry and others may go home due to lack of these formerly good opportunites. They will no longer be hired as cheap labor to undercut Americans, using American taxpayers' money as back up via welfare benefits.

Dr. Paul is against the program as it's another brick in the wall of the anti-privacy Police State that has been slowly (more quickly, as of the last 2 decades) built up. He makes good points, but, on this point, specifically, it seems like it's just water under the bridge. Yes, any program that CAN be misused for further control of Americans by Big Feral Gov WILL be, just as the Social Security number (SS #, very appropriate) was "never gonna be an American ID number" per FDR and his socialist minions. Yeah, I wouldn't have believed you people last time, and I don't now. The total awareness of American's locations, spending, communications, all of it is so far gone that I just don't think this one matters right now. To use a 3rd common expression, this E-verify might be another nail in the coffin for privacy, but there are already 2 1/2 " drywall screws spaced every 3" attaching the coffin lid already. Yeah, Peak Stupidity can use a metaphor like the best of 'em!

Back to the libertarians' side again, they have a point that without the huge welfare state set-up American has now, these illegals would not so readily invade for employment with this additional renumeration by the taxpayers. That's all true, but it's again water under the bridge (metaphor #2).

All in all, in this case, I disagree with the man of principle Ron Paul. Well, don't go disrespecting the man, as I don't here. If we had had just 25% of the congress made of men like him over the years enforcing Constitutional rule-of-law, we would never have been in the position we are in now with total loss of control of the policies the Feral Gov screws us with.

Libertarians please note again: This immigration invasion is an existential problem. It's got to be solved NOW, one way or another. These new unassimilated "Americans" will not be voting for anything liberty-oriented - DO! YOU! GET! THAT!? No, Reason-mag Libertards, if you get 5 new subscriptions yearly from new immigrants, legal or illegal, consider yourselves lucky.

Just on the details of how E-verify doesn't add much (as of yet!, Dr. Paul would say) to the already Big-Gov control of employment, I present one comment from ZeroHedge:

Endgame Napoleon --> IH8OBAMA Tue, 02/13/2018 - 01:26

Unlike millions of underemployed US citizens, Senator Paul obviously has not been through the array of mouse-on-a-treadmill tests, checks and forms, necessary to acquire every six-week temp job at $10.40 per hour.

Many in his state have. At $18,093k, Kentucky’s per-capita income says it all, and hordes of welfare-aided illegal aliens help to keep individual income at rock bottom in his state.


Many citizens — nationwide — have done this temp-job hoop jumping time after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, getting these jobs, working hard and having NOTHING to show for it.

eVerify is just too much to put illegal aliens through.......??????

Most of the citizens, going through all of that hoop jumping for every puny temp job that will not cover rent that absorbs more than half of their earned-only income, already sacrifice privacy and dignity, over and over.

Citizens have already ceded constitutional freedoms, just to work temporary, part-time, high-turnover and 1099-gig jobs with low wages and inadequate hours that will never rise.

Wages and hours will never really rise, when so many illegal aliens with US-born kids are incentivized by government to stay below the earned-income limit for monthly welfare that covers their rent and groceries and the cut off for child tax credits that used to top out at $6,444 until Swampers doubled the amount in their recent tax cut / tax-welfare plan.
[Not sure about his point on the child credit, as the very next commenter argues - PS]

That move, in and of itself, revealed the direction of the Swamp water. When the Swamp doubled child-tax-credit welfare—even for illegal aliens—many of us could see that Swampians serve only 1) their campaign donors and 2) the cheap, welfare-buttressed, noncitizen labor of their campaign donors.

If Swampers were soooooo concerned with civil liberties, why did they not bring it up all these years, when US citizens were asked to submit to every kind of scrutiny imaginable to get every 6-week, two-bit call center stint? It is only when their precious, welfare-fueled, cheap illegal alien labor is on the line that they give a ****.
Yeah, ZH has some good discussion, and normally with no qualms about the Fight Club language and style. Still, for equal time - both in terms of unz vs. ZH and libertarians vs. conservatives, I present one very good unz comment by a guy named Guiseppe:
Ron is spot on, it’s a slippery slope. Paid trolls [nope, that's not the case here - it's a conundrum - PS] are out in force today. Features of E-Verify like biometrics are already being incorporated into what is being billed as the *enhanced drivers licence.” Congress would never dare pass legislation authorizing a national identity card, so your government has repackaged the idea and is slipping it past drowsy Americans. The national security state that tracks your vehicle’s license plate along freeways or at intersections, listens in on your mobile phone conversations and reads your email, bit by bit is assembling the the elements of a world-wide database with everything about you contained in a chip in your driver’s licence. All that remains is to surgically place the chip into your body or stamp a QR code on your forehead. In time advanced facial recognition and biometric capabilities will even make this obsolete, you will simply present your face to the officer, who will have immediate access to everything about you, including whether or not your driver’s license is current. Welcome to E-Verify, welcome to your dystopic future.
It's a tough call on this one, really, which is why discussion these two blog sites is very interesting stuff.

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