What's the deal with Peak Stupidity - Libertarian or Conservative?

Posted On: Friday - February 9th 2018 10:06AM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog reader may well be wondering - WTF is it gonna be, Libertarianism or Conservativism? After having hopped back and forth over the last week between the pro-liberty posts on homeschooling and the Police State, and the conservative posts on feminism/demographic soo-ee-cide and immigration lately (Hey what about moon cakes!? Moon pies, dammit!?), the reader has cause to wonder. Well, these two "isms" can very well co-exist, it turns out. That is so long as the adherents of both of these philosophies just don't think so many stupid things.

Libertarians have a lot to learn from the conservatives, and conservatives have a lot to learn from the libertarians. This would be a good topic for a full-out essay, as I have been thinking about this for quite a while, being an adherent of both of these philosophies, with the caveat "hold the stupid, please, ma'am."

As a conservative, I say to the libertarians that are somehow, stupidly, pro open-borders:
Free markets work, free trade can be good if it's fair and I understand the concept of division of labor and why we don't manufacture moon cakes and raise many dogs for human consumption here, just as the Chinese don't manufacture moon pies and raise many dairy cattle. In my bestest Tucker Carlson voice, I! GET! THAT! Even some free and easy travel between countries at low numbers can be a very good thing.

Immigration of 5,000 - 10,000 people per year from various shit- and non-shit versions of holes all over the world can be a fine thing, likewise. However, 10's of MILLIONS of any kind of different people being imported from locations with totally different cultures is bad, mmmkaaay? Do you people think that 25,000,000 Latin Americans will vote for or defend your Constitutional rights? No, and neither will the next generation, and beyond that, there will be no America anymore, so no use worrying about what the 3rd generation will vote for, if voting will even go on then. How many Reason magazine subscribers do you reckon you've picked up out of this crowd, a coupla' dozen?

Face it, libertarians, you and some multiple 10's of million, usually white men, are the only people anywhere around the world left that have a long background and understanding of these concepts that our founders fought for and wrote out in the US Constitution and elsewhere. You are already pretty much outnumbered, so please stop making it worse.
As a libertarian, I say to you conservatives who don't really care a hoot how big the Feral Gov't gets:
Who are you kidding with your disrespect for "muh Constitution" and "we can have socialism just fine in our nice white country."? No, Big Government and the socialism that always goes along with it, is the cause of your problems. How the hell can you Make America Great Again, when the huge Feral Beast of a government has engendered the welfare/warfare state and implemented almost-uncontrolled immigration? This all started right in the mid-1960's (most of it, though I'd pin the start of the real forever-war-state on the 1990's).

We're on the 3rd generation of welfare-state-raised thugs in the ghettos of just about every major and minor city in the country. These are people, some of whom would not have been born just due to the responsible parenting of people who can't depend on THE STATE, with the remainder who would be living much more productive and less violent lives. We would not be living at the peak of stupidity with respect to feminism, gender-bender nonsense, Political Correctness, and scores of other flavors of stupid, if people had continued to constrain the big Feral Government before it was too late.

Conservatives, your power to have done something to stop the immigration invasion would have been much greater if we had control of the US Government. Right now, the Globalists, the Neocons, the Deep State, and corrupt politicians of all sorts have no interest in making policy per your wants and needs as Americans. They don't give a flying fuck about you, on account of they don't seem to have to answer to you anymore. When was the last time you recall bringing up US Constitution Amendment X of the Bill of Rights? Dig deep, man.
Yes, this will make a good essay, as there's lot's more to say to these people (Peak Stupidity remains on both sides, above the fray). Anyway, yes we swing both ways here at the Peak Stupidity blog, and we also got both kinds of music ... country AND western:

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