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Posted On: Wednesday - February 7th 2018 11:34AM MST
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It's been a long time since I used to peruse, well read almost all of, the daily 10 posts or so that would appear on Lew Rockwell's website. The man, and the stuff posted there (last I read) were true Libertarian, in the best sense. I took a look just now, noticing that I haven't read it in so long, that it was gone from the history saved by this browser that's been installed > 5 years! It looks a slight bit prettied-up, but just a glance at the headlines of the usual 10 or so articles, LewRockwell, the site, still looks like it's full of good truthful Libertarianism. That's nice to see.

While searching for something involved with the writing of the two previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2) of this current stray thought path series, this writer came upon something from 2005 written by a Mrs. Doris Colmes titled "Papiere-Bitte". It came back to me - I'd read this stuff! This was from way back, but I had been reading the libertarian's opinions and outrage at America's morphing into a police state for a while already upon coming across her article.

Here's the thing. Back in 2005 there were still many around who had been through the real deal, whether Nazi Germany (this case) or Communist totalitarian societies, with overbearing governments, as our Feral Gov't here tries to emulate. A previous article by Doris Colmes* was about the demanding of ID's from law officers, and it brought her back ...
Reading this took me straight back to that living nightmare called Nazi Germany. There, if one didn't show ID upon command, and/or if anything was even the slightest bit out of the ordinary on these papers, it was Bye-Bye, and — if one were a Jew, a Gypsy or seen as gay by the arresting officer — that was some long Goodbye, indeed. Death camps were waiting, needing monthly quotas, and age was not an issue. Little kids zoomed off to extermination just as quickly as adults, and all for the sin of, perhaps, an inkblot on an identifying number, or the magic word Jew printed on the top.

And, now, it seems, we've come full circle....
"Oh, come now, there are no camps, we just have to ID people, as you know, times are different now ..." Right, this stuff has gone way farther than the situation in 2005 America, and quit kidding yourselves. We live in a Police State whether you want to admit it to yourself or not. I'm gonna paste in a good chunk from the "Papiere, Bitte" article, starting with this about the "Real ID" act, coming to fruition as I write, in fact - Big Brother shit at it's finest:
Think I'm some kind of elderly nut-job neurotically manufacturing dictatorship? Well, let's look at the 82 billion dollar defense bill passed just a few weeks ago, which (with a vote tally of 100 to 0) had the Real ID Act hidden inside it. This law allows a national identification process in which each and every person in the U.S.A. will be on computer.

This ID will be based on driver's license applications, although it isn't just for driving. Just like the infamous "Internal Passport" of Nazi Germany, no one will need it unless needing to fly, cash checks, apply for jobs, walk the streets, enter federal buildings – or drive...
Doris Colme's look into the future:
Legal "ID Theft" and legal "illegal surveillance”? The Real ID Act links driver's licenses of all states, creating a data base including the private details of every single U.S. citizen. It mandates that your driver's license share a common machine-readable digital photo of you, all the better to track your every movement. It hands the federal government unfunded mandate power to dictate what data all states must collect for license holders, including everything from fingerprints to retinal scans. And, if you don't drive, you'll still need to submit to the national ID card. How else, after all, will the cop who doesn't like the shape of your face, or the fact that you are (God Forbid) wearing a turban get to arrest you? Yes, "Papiere Bitte" has come home to roost.

And, folks, that's only the beginning. More technically sophisticated techniques will be implemented as they occur. If the Nazis had had electronic surveillance, phone bugging and all else that the Patriot Act not only condones but advises, there would have been an even tighter grip on the populace.
... [SNIP] ... So, you ask, "If that's all true, why doesn't the media expose it all?" Now, that's such a classic example of Nazi strategy, it's almost funny. The Nazis took over the media, folks. No newspaper published a single sentence without governmental approval, and propaganda was fed to the populace instead of news. Sound familiar? A Time magazine article, (April, 2005), gave illustrated examples of how the current administration administers this process.

And, last but certainly not least, the Nazis took over the German government in its entirety with one simple maneuver: They simply took over the courts. You know, like it's happening right now, today, even as we speak: Our filibuster was busted, and those neo-con activist judges are a-sittin' on the bench, ready to take over the Supreme Court. Because, once that Supreme Court is co-opted, hey, driver's license ID cards are going be the least of our worries. Ask me. I know!
OK, she does not claim to be a Sci-Fi writer, so she missed the smart-phone as voluntary comprehensive bugging device bit. The Peak Stupidity blog has lots to say about that, coming up ... yes, NSA, we know that you know - fuck you too!

Just read that again about the media, courts and governments, if you skimmed it. That's what has come already. As written in the previous post on this (latter portion), we've had the Deep State developing this Police State, the Neocons supporting it, duped regular Americans who don't mind getting felt-up (worse yet, their kids), as "the Moslems ruined it for all of us" and "showing their papers!". The ones who have been pushing for it the most within the media, courts (see anarcho-tyranny), and government, though, are the cntrl-left. Those are the guys and gals that have been winning the domestic front of the Cold War for 5 decades now. Most of the cntrl-left are the ones that like to call people Nazis. They will probably be the first to be hauled out, shot, and pushed into a ditch next time too, as useful idiots are too expensive to keep running once they've served their purpose. Think about that, and no, don't try to use logic with them. That is not Peak Stupidity's point here either, to try to talk sense to the cntrl-left. It didn't work then, and it won't work now. They will have to be dealt with sooner rather than later, if we don't want a repeat of the 20th century Communist infiltration of 1/2 the world.

The only people that have been trying to thwart this encroachment of Police State USA have been the true Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and just the few well-aware patriotic Americans. So, Conservatives, just lay the hell off them for a while, huh?

Breasts, uhh, papers please?

* Here is a page on the Lew Rockwell site with 7 articles by Mrs. Colmes, and from first glances, they are all not only well written but all scathing criticisms of the modern US Police State - and this stuff was all written in 2005-06.

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