"Papiere bitte!" - "Your papers, please!" - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - February 3rd 2018 11:26AM MST
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(NOTE: This is NOT a Peak Stupidity graphic - sorry for cusswords, but it fit this post to a tee.)

Let's continue on to a conclusion from the discussion in the last post. Americans have seen the theme over and over again about the evil Nazis and their anti-freedom and pro-respect-mah-authoritah! ways. Yep, there's gonna be a whole lot of that when you have a big all-powerful totalitarian government. Again, as will be discussed in a subsequent post one day, the Nazis, as opposed to Commies of any sort, are shown in all the movies of this sort of thing, even movies that weren't really about Nazis in particular, like all those Indiana Jones ones. Yet, this type of behavior is not confined to Nazis per se, as that isn't what "National Socialism" was especially about - yes, big government, but no, the books probably never said anything about totalitarianism (they never do!).

Any time you are going to take any kind of Socialism seriously you're going to need big government, and the same with flat-out Communism. Big Government will mean totalitarianism; it's who it is, as they say now. It can't help itself. It's not like we don't have any proof of that over the last ONE CENTURY EVEN, for crying out loud. Nobody has to even read books from dissidents out of Soviet Russia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Red China, N. Vietnam, Cambodia, ... on and on, isn't it... there are people around who could tell you about it, if you've got a minute in your busy schedule to listen to 'em.

With that loss of freedom, people under totalitarianism will know nothing else after awhile, but "You've GOT to bring your proper documents; what are you, crazy?" and "I can't just up and do this. There is no controlling authority. If it's not expressly permitted, it is forbidden; what are you, crazy? How can have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat!?* With this type of behavior going on for multiple generations, it's not a wonder Communism has long-lasting effects on a nation's population - long after the official Communists are safely in hell. See this take regarding Russia and this take regarding China as discussions of this point.

Americans have mostly forgotten what it was to have pride in our freedoms, and most have spent no effort at all defending any. You were over in Iraq, or Afghanistan, you say? Not to knock being a soldier, sailor or airman, and not lacking some respect, but I'm here to tell you that no American's freedom was defended in that effort. The steady infiltration of totalitarianism by the cntrl-left, the long-lasting domestic front of the Cold War, has been almost completely a success. Americans have not only lost, but they don't know they've lost, and they don't know what they've lost.

Therefore, the graphic appears up top. I don't want to hear anymore about how those nasty authorities asking for really, demanding "Papers, please!" are "those Nazis". They are the usual cntrl-left, and others in the Feral and State governments enabled by the cntrl-left, and unopposed by the average American, who wouldn't know freedom anymore, if it came up and bit him on the ass.

There has been even more help, as the Neocons have enabled Police State America by appearing to be conservatives based on support of the long-ago-finished external Cold War and support of current war all over the globe. "War is the health of The State", some dude on the internet said. I used to not really understand the connection between the warmongering state and the internal police state. The way it works is that war requires big budgets which can be spent in all kinds of other ways than just soldiers' pay and guns. It also allows for good excuses for abridging of rights and new clampdowns on freedom in the name of security and eventual victory - whenever "terrorism" has been beat the hell up, I guess.

In America, to be a little more specific, I think the Deep State agencies have been instrumental in creating the internal police state. Though created with a need back during WWII, the CIA was seen as useful through the Vietnam War period, even with all the crazy and stupid fuck-ups. They and the NSA became too out-of-control to shutdown many years ago, as with all the information they had, most of the psychopathic types that exist high up in government have too many skeletons to be used against them to risk acting against the Deep State. With these agencies in place forever, and with big budgets, why not keep the wars going for stuff to do and public support? If there aren't any current really-hot wars, "we will need to spend the money on some internal work, just to make our systems comprehensive".

Who were the folks itching to go get our Motherland Security Department up and running? You'd think the Neocons, with their supposed (cause that's what it really was, supposed) anti-Communist views, would be wary of having an agency like this in America. Nope, it's for our own good - it's to help protect us from those people "over there" who hate us for our freedoms - so we need to search and spy on everyone, you know, just to be sure... Yeah, you're gonna need to show your papers .. it's the least you'll have to do in support of our freeedumbs, or somthing.

Off the Neocons and Deep State for now, finally, to wrap this up, let's think of who the people are who keep calling others Nazis nowadays? Do those people have any problem at all supporting the big Feral Government beast? Lots of them are supporters and sackhangers on this beast, if not full-out employees. They really have no clue on who is really closer to the way of the Nazis, along with the Commies, which brings it around full circle, as that's who they are. They need to be treated as Commies. Since the Commies have Mao ZeDong's little red book, we need something like Peak Stupidity's big green web site.

* Yes, sporadic Pink Floyd references may appear here and there on the Peak Stupidity blog, though something tells me Mr. Floyd is a Commie himself. "Collectivist call from Mr. Floyd to Mrs. Floyd ... are we reaching?"

[Updated 2/6:| Added a small bit re Neocons and Motherland Security.

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