Ran into Pat today ... over at the Park Service

Posted On: Saturday - January 27th 2018 7:49PM MST
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I can't speak for the show today, if it's still on, but Saturday Night Live used to have some funny stuff. If you, the reader, have not seen any skits regarding "Pat", or don't remember, please view the video below and then return to the text right here <---- right there, yeah.

A small incident that happened to this blogger today was uncanny, yes, that's the word for it. I was at a visitor center at a national park, and this is not a big hiking area, but is run by the park service. Therefore, I'm not writing about a park ranger, more just an employee for whom I had a quick question. At about 20 ft. away I started walking over to ask it, and the first impression to me was that this was a fairly dikey-looking young lady. No, problem, it's just a simple question. As I got closer to her ... wait, I'm gonna switch to "him" now ... I realized this was a man ... maybe.

I engaged in a quick conversation with him ... well, I'll stick with this for English grammar's sake, as I can't keep switching around with the frequency of a cheap ham radio (OK, that was funny SNL stuff there) ... hopefully not using the word "man" but once, I think, as I thought I saw some tities. OK, yeah, you don't just go staring, well, I mean, unless you can't help it, but then you wouldn't have any more questions in your big, well either head. I could definitely help it, and therefore, I was still not sure of the sex of this nice, but ambiguous park official. I didn't want to take the time to prowl around the parking lot for Subarus - just not my day to worry about that.

He gave me his definitive answer - only on the question about the park - and that's when I took a quick glance at his badge. Smart, right? Let's get it straight. In this day and age of the last-name first-name though, no, it's hard to know, just by name, if "Parker" or "Tanner" is a man or woman. But he had an old-fashioned name; it should be easy, right? The name tag stated, simply: Pat. Wow! What were the chances of that? This episode should be referenced in the dictionary under "uncanny".

SNL must not like the Pat skits (maybe anything, I didn't check) to be viewed, as this trailer for a movie that's probably not worth seeing is all I could come up with.

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