Homeschooling - poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - January 26th 2018 11:18PM MST
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Hey, hey, ho, ho, independent thinking has got to go!

I noticed that the part 1 post had more introduction than Peak Stupidity content - it's something I'm trying to change, at least slightly. End of introduction, we start now with more about homeschooling, why I believe it a poke in the eye of the Beast, and why there is so much opposition by said "Beast" (in this case just the spawn, christened in the previous post as the "Educational-Industrial Complex", or how 'bout BIG ED, we can switch back and forth at will.

I can't include an entire history of primary education in the US here, but one can't go wrong by reading works of Mr. John Taylor Gatto, a long-time teacher who has lots of negaitve things to say about the current system. The reader may or may not have heard of the term "Prussian Model" regarding education, described herein on the website called "". Haha, well we know where that blogger stands, BTW! Prussian education was known for it's high level of organization, it's goal of not particularly teaching, but more like training young people to be rule-oriented and fit to work in a factory environment. After being pushed for, and being basically adopted in America, it resulted in a completely different life for school-age Americans vs. the free-wheeling, free-thinking past. Above all, the biggest change was that the Prussian system required MANDATORY schooling, hence the above website name. A quick excerpt from that site:
That system was characterized by compulsory attendance, teacher colleges, standardized national tests, national age-graded curriculum, compulsory kindergarten, the fragmenting of concepts into separate subjects with fixed periods of study, and the state ultimately asserting a superior claim to the child over the rights of the parents. This was a radical departure in methodology and content from the successful traditional forms of education in America.
That rights of the parents thing is really what the current opposition to homeschooling has a problem with, even more than the curriculum, which they would very much like to influence, and the vested interest, i.e. BIG MONEY, which is also a big factor. Let's discuss just a little about each of these big factors.

THE STATE wants more and more control of YOU, that's simple enough. It's what THE STATE is all about - power. People, especially us curmudgeons, are hard to influence beyond a certain age, but the kids can be molded, especially when you start early. 1st grade is not early enough anymore, so Kindegarten became ubiquitous and even mandatory. Now there is talk all the time about the pre-K schooling! They don't want you to get a lot of influence in on how your kids should think, or whether they should really think at all. Thinking is bad, mmmmkaaaay..

It helped a great deal to get the women into the workforce. If one were a conspiracy theorist (and you know what Peak Stupidity has to say about some of these long-term ones ), one might very well figure that it was in fact planned, in order to not only have more taxes sent in to THE STATE, but to get the kids away from the home for much longer each day. Let's think of the homeschooling idea - working women cannot do this, a win/lose for the governments/kids.

It irks the shit out of people in governments worldwide for kids to not be dependent on them and not get the official PC state point of view on the world. To me, that's the biggest reason for the big opposition. The curriculum was set by the loving parents 150 years ago, at least by state governments more recently (somewhat local when we had fewer people), until - thanks a lot, Jimmy Carter - 1980 when it started to come down from the Feral Beast.

Let's not discount, by any means, the vested interests, meaning the big money in BIG ED. People just don't argue with taxes for schools, even when 2 full-time people in an elementary school get good money just to be The Attendance Office, and harass parents who have forgot to come up with absence excuses, while the school asks for you to bring extra boxes of pencils and saltine crackers! This spendthrift mentality of "anything for the children - what, do you hate kids!? It's not taxes anyway, it's a BOND, see?" is not something these millions of middle-class people will easily give up. Homeschooling is a direct threat, as every kid not sent to be indoctrinated is money lost.

BIG ED and the establishment elite that depend on it's "product" to fit in and acquiesce to the continuing population replacement, transition to lower living standards, and merge with the 3rd world, cannot have millions upon millions of free-thinking Americans around. This is why, above cutting off the cable to the world of infotainment propaganda trash, even above working off the books and not feeding the Beast, homeschooling is a big poke in the eye to it. It's not just not accepting the rancid ideas, it's not even just not feeding it, but homeschooling is about raising up individuals to fight the Beast.

Of course, it's somewhat of a bigger sacrifice of one's time, but this is the ultimate Fuck You to the whole BIG ED / BIG GOV / Globalist bunch. A big thank you from the Peak Stupidity blog to all involved.

Part 3 coming will be about additional details on homeschooling and about a story of a tie-in to immigration stupidity.

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