Happy General Robert E. Lee's Birthday!

Posted On: Monday - January 15th 2018 12:27PM MST
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"Hey, hey, hey! (Hey, hey hey), I was born a Rebel,
down in Dixie (Hey, hey hey) on a Sunday morning."

More to come, but busy here on this celebration day of a great man, soldier, and Virginian - his actual birthday is January 19th, but you know how the government hard-working folks love their 3-day weekends (guess that could have worked out.)

Yeah, to continue to the point of this post, it really shouldn't matter which side of the War of Northern Agression you feel was in the right somehow, This great American and who stayed loyal to his country (Virginia) to the end was someone every man should admire, if he has done any reading of this history. Peak Stupidity posted this commentary on this illustrious general back during the time when the cntrl-left attacked some defenders of a statue of the man in Charlottesville, Virginia this past summer.

If we're gonna have a Federal Holiday why not celebrate a great man, the type that hardly get made today, vs. a Commie-supported serial adulterer "preacher", whose type you will find plenty of... that's his legacy you might say.

It's also not easy to put all the bogus titles the guy the Poltically Correct urge us to revere this day on this blog, much less a damn street sign in every city (beware .... not usually the best of neighborhoods). Let's see:

The - OK, fine.
Reverend - from what has been revealed over the years, he is far from reverent.
Doctor - The guy plagiarized a bunch of his bullshit dissertation, so no, he doens't deserve this title.
Martin Luther - Now there's a guy I can get behind. It took a lot of guts to defy the corrupt Catholic Church of the late middle ages.
King - What?
Junior - Who really knows with his crowd?

No, we celebrate a great American here, and, for crying out loud, if you're gonna decide we have to celebrate a black man each January for reasons of AA or what-have-you, how about a real straight-up erudite gentleman who knows what this country is supposed to be about, Doctor (PhD, Univ. of Chicago in Economics - 1968) Thomas Sowell, recently retired at 86 y/o. OK, he was born June 30th, not this month, so we could create a week-long government shutdown between then and Independence Day. It'd give those slave-driven Feral-Gov workers time to recharge their batteries, and the public could dub it "Safe Space" week, and get some shit done.

BTW, coincidentally, upon searching for info on Robert E. Lee, it turned up that last year at this time, Goolag, err, Google had displayed General Lee's birthday info. along with some business listings (with a warning about closures due to the holiday) in Southern states! Apparently they were subsequently bent out of shape about it. The blurb is hilarious just due to the stupidity of their political correctness.

About this Martin Luther King, I guess he could give a good speech, if all that matters to you is words, not deeds.

"I have a dream ..." Yeah, buddy, we all have dreams. We ain't gonna see them all happen ...

This is the best song, in my opinion, from The Allman Brothers' debut album from 1969, with Greg's soulful singing (RIP Greg Allman) and the awsome lead and bottleneck slide guitat of his brother Duane. Molly Hatchett, featured here on Peak Stupidity, covered this song with a more choppy sound, but still very good.

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