The founding of America - was it a fluke?

Posted On: Saturday - January 13th 2018 9:03PM MST
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Was this a once in all history event? Where do you get guys like this?

I gotta say, the last post was one of the darkest posts ever seen here on the Peak Stupidity blog. "Dark" is a big, very popular descriptive world nowadays for the Lyin' Press, especially in reference to any dark think being done to change the status quo of America's sinking into the abyss. What I had forgotten to add to the bottom of that last post (in addition to it being long enough anyway) was the following regarding the founding of our formerly great nation. This is an optimistic antidote and addendum to the previous post, then.

Yeah, you had your French Revolution, before anyone called each other Comrade or just Commie, then the Bolsheviks turning Russia into the USSR, the Red Chinese taking the country at an opportune time, the usual turmoil in Central and South America with the Commies taking over for a while, people then just about starving and going all police state on their asses (get some popcorn - in progress in former crown jewel of S. America Venezuala). Each time, the new boss was not any better than the old boss. The difference with the Commie tyrannies is that it would take extra long to turn the ship around with those types in perpetual-revolution mode, and with more purges going on than at an all-you-can-eat buffet on supermodel 1/2-price night.

Has there been any other time in history when the people have thrown off the yoke of their oppressors and turned the government into something much better, other than the founding of America? You could go back to the time of the Romans and even the Greeks and only then find something close in awesomeness. The closest things were probably the Glorious Revolution in England and other events in the land of the forefathers of our founders. Interestingly enough, that Glorious Revolution was exactly 1 century early than the signing of the US Constitution depicted above (couldn't find a damn file photo anywhere on the web!). Though it seems like completely ancient history now, the signing of the US Constitution is 2 1/2 times as far back for us, as the Glorious Revolution was for those signers!

This most amazing occurence of our country's founders coming out of a war against their oppressors (kid stuff compared to the US Police State and Feral Gov't oppression today) had the wisdom and diligence to create that great document that guided the Republic and limited the size of the Feral Beast of a government for near 150 years, with a few interruptions, cough, Lincoln, cough, cough. Nowadays, kids at school don't even learn much about this once-in-history occurence, but when I did, I don't think I appreciated how amazing a job it was. Are there any poeple like Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison and the rest even around today? I think that the reason that these people were able to create the free society of our early American Republic is that they had been heirs to the Englishmen who had built up the ideas (taken from ancient-Greek ideas too) of liberty and rule-of-law, but also, had been living some of the freest, least-interfered-with lives ever seen before as colonists in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Just to end up on a somewhat sour note to fit in with last post afterall, is this transformation from the (albeit light, relative to now) yoke of oppression to a small-government republic something that people could even understand today? I don't mean just the cntrl-left, the big-gov Democrats and Republicans and the Socialists/Neo-Commies among us. Even the alt-right and modern conservatives keep dissing the Constitutionalists with the "muh Constitution" and "Libertard" crap. Perhaps there are not many left in the world who deserve to know freedom.

Just look at the men in the picture above. Could you imagine anyone but good, honest Englishmen doing anything like that? How about some of the relocated Somalians, the DACA kids from El Salvador, even the bright Chinese people who've taken over the computer science department? Why are you laughing?!! This post is supposed to end sadly... please stop.

More trivial matters are in store for the next post, before Peak Stupidity is placed on suicide watch by our concerned hosting folks. [Actually, they don't care - Editor]

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