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Posted On: Friday - January 12th 2018 10:26AM MST
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You've got to break a couple million eggs to make a million omelets. This is what they are actually talking about:

The Peak Stupidity blog has promised at the end of the very last post to develop a Grand Unified Theory of Evil, perhaps coupled with a Grand Unified Theory of Stupidity. However, this will require additional research by the staff and possibly a large grant provided by readers like you the taxpayers, I mean National Institute of Evil/Stupidity Interrelationships. We don't expect the money anytime soon, as it perhaps is indeed better spent on the ongoing investigations into the mating habits of the Portuguese man-o-war and similar important science. So, I have no timeline on this but would like to relate the Commies, Neocons, and Globalists, as I wrote. This post will just be more focused on the Communist side of totalitarianism again.

Peak Stupidity has expounded before on the continual, possibly centennially-occuring epidemics of Communism or other totalitarian ideas. It's seems the cycle of seeing stupidity writ large throughout a society in grand experiments, then 3 - 7 decades or so of struggle by a miserable population to end it, followed by a few more generations who don't want to read or learn a thing about it, is destined to continue.

Right now, most of the worst political ideas come from the intellectuals, who should supposedly know a good idea from a bad one. Through history though, it seems to go that that the intellectuals are the ones who promote the ideas of Communism and Socialism, in front of a sometimes willing and oftentimes unwilling population. Yet, early on in these experiments with new political systems (well new implementations, as they weren't done right the first time, apparently) result in the intellectuals being the first to be rounded up and buried alive, or mercifully, shot in the head first and then pushed into a ditch.

Now, in America, I won't say all of the University professors are of the cntrl-left, totalitarian bent. There are those in engineering, computer software, and the sciences that really don't want any part of the stupidity. I am sure most of them keep that to themselves, however. They just want to be left alone to do their usually interesting work. That requires going along with lots of the intellectual stupidity. It takes a wise man to understand that, though you may not be interested in politics, politics may be interested in you. I will give even (MOST!) of the Climatologists a break. As written before (see last paragraph), it's the "journalists" who can't understand any science who blow up reports of work-in-progress into alarmist garbage for readership.

That was indeed off the subject a bit, but the intellectuals are almost all of the cntrl-left bent in all other schools of the universities, in the arts, in the media (well, intellectual is all relative, I guess), and in government. Since they purport to be society's elites, why do they end up in such bad shape when their own stupid ideas come to fruition? Let's look back at some bad occurences of the breakout of commie and other totalitarian stupidity.

The Bolsheviks who killed many to turn Russia into a Communist society back 100 years ago last year were the supposed intellectuals. I guess most of them came out good for a while, but it was only until the power struggles (think Lenin vs Trotsky) started. Later on, as their dream had been fulfilled for a decade or more and Stalin took over, he had had enough of the original Bolsheviks and purged lots of them.

In China, the butcher/chairman Mao was not really a big intellectual himself - but don't tell him that! The country may have been an exception as the poor peasants were the ones who gave Mao power and victory over the elite and those following the Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek. Red China went through much turmoil under this man, and the first big one was the "Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom" campaign. Was this a Mao idea of 5-, or at least 1-D chess ... would you believe Chinese Checkers? He encouraged the intellectuals to speak out with their great ideas to help the then-new Communist great society. That gave him lots of names of people to send to the prison camps. (Trump is playing checkers compared to that man.)

I don't think anyone had heard of the word "communism" back in the 1790's, as Karl Marx was safely incubating in Hell, but the French Revolution is an another example illustrating one possible answer to the question of why the intellectuals don't come out too well under totalitariansim. People are fed up with the oppression of the current political system, and things get out of hand, violently. At these times, with the French Revolution being an example, a new faction, with the most power takes over and it becomes "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." See, Socialism/Communism is a complete failure as an economic system due to simple things that most people have learned during the kindergarten years. When times get tough econmically, as they will, then the struggle begins, as the top Commies want to live a decent life, not the life of their simple peasant followers. There can only be so many people at the top, in the elite, so lots of those intellectuals have got to go, good ideas notwithstanding. It's pretty easy really, as The Party line can be changed daily, meaning these formerly with-it intellectuals may tomorrow be quoting ideas blasphemous to the doctrine. You can never run out of ditches, right?

One of the worst of them. Pol Pot had 1/4 of "his" people killed or starved. People wearing glasses came first, as they were obviously intellectuals. Go long lasik surgery!

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