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Posted On: Wednesday - January 10th 2018 11:38AM MST
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This is more on the unz article by writer Phil Giraldi, as discussed here in a post yesterday about the huge Neocon influence on American foreign policy.

A commenter named Mark Green lays this out just as good as the author, so I'll paste the whole thing, including only one small disagreement from Peak Stupidity. (The big blockquote and italics are to show this is not Peak Stupidity writing.)
Neocon power in Big Government is directly connected to neocon media access and neocon media visibility. This is why ‘experts’ such as Boot, Kristol, Weinstein, Cohen, Stephens, Glasser, Podhoretz, Dubowitz, etc., are not only never stepping down from their appointed roles as high media priests–they’re actually failing their way into positions of tenure and (undue) respectability.

Under any other circumstance, their bulletproof status would defy logic. But because of Israel’s unique place in American life, this makes perfect–though astonishing–sense. This above list of scoundrels may resemble the guest list of a Jewish wedding, but this ongoing affair will produce no honeymoon. These operatives function as soft double agents. Their devious mission is to justify US war(s) of aggression that benefit Israel.

Being a successful neocon doesn’t require being right. Not at all. It’s all about sending the right message. Over and over. Evidence be damned. The neocon mission is not about journalism. It’s about advancing the cause: Mideast disruption and a secure Jewish state.

More importantly, Washington’s impenetrable array of Zio-centric PACs, money-handlers, bundlers, fund-raisers, and billionaires want these crypto-Israeli pundits right where they are–on TV or in the your local newspaper–telling Americans how to feel and what to think. And Big Media–which happens to be in bed with these same powerful forces–needs these Zions in place to not only justify the latest Mideast confrontation, but even ones being planned. It’s one big happy effort at group-think, mass deception, and military conquest. Unfortunately, it’s not being presented that way.

So what lies ahead?

More subversion and more conflict. This explains why Pres. Trump has reversed course. He’s caved. Once elected, Trump decided to would be suicide to try to frustrate the Israeli Lobby. So he cucked his Presidency and dumped several major campaign pledges.

The first to go was his pledge to normalize US-Russian relations (‘make peace’ with Russia) and after that 2) avoid unnecessary wars abroad. That’s was a huge reversal. But Trump did it and few pundits have scolded him for it. The fix is in.

Candidate Trump also stated: “I don’t want your [Jewish] money” to an auditorium full of wealthy Jews. Well, that’s changed too. Pres. Trump is now surrounded by wealthy and powerful Israeli-firsters now, including mega-billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, who ended up feeding the Trump campaign untold millions. Sadly, Trump has totally rolled over for the Israelis.

So Trump (the President) now sees things differently. Very differently. When it comes to the Middle East, Trump has been Hillary-ized. This means there’s no light between what Israel desires and what Washington is willing to deliver. The hyper-wealthy, super cohesive, extraordinarily well-positioned and diabolically cleaver Israeli lobby has Trump over a barrel. Shocking, yes. But true.

So watch Israel’s roughshod expansion continue, along with the typically meek and accommodating responses from Washington.

Regarding Israel, Washington will foot their war bill, supply the arms, lend diplomatic cover and even wage war on their behalf. No country in the world receives this kind of treatment. And no country in the world deserves it.

What’s worse, our ‘independent’ MSM will be there to sanitize Washington’s pro-Israel shenanigans and basically cheer the whole bloody process on. This is where the Zio-punditry of Kristol, Cohen, Stephens, Dubowitz, and Co. come in. They soothe the nervous nellies as they gently justify the death and destruction that come with these military strikes. Media tactics include:

Don’t count enemy war dead. Don’t count civilian war dead. Don’t count displaced refugees. Don’t connect Europe’s immigration crisis to Zio-Washington’s destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

At the same time: Always praise Israeli ‘restraint’. Always refer to Israel as a ‘democracy’. Sneer and jeer the ‘terrorist’ Republic of Iran. Treat every Mideast warlord or rebellion as if it threatens the sanctity of Disneyland or even the next Superbowl. Oh my!

It’s a slick, highly-coordinated, and very manipulative affair. But the magic is working. Americans are being fooled.

Ironically, US security would be improved if we simply minded our own business and did nothing in the Middle East besides pursue normal and peaceful trade policies. But that’s not to be.

The reason for this phenomena is that Washington’s major PACs, syndicates, heavy hitters, influence peddlers, oligarchs, and Big Money handlers (and who also have their clutches on our corrupt MSM) want more Mideast disruption.


Israeli ‘security’. Israeli ‘survival’.

Considering Israel’s extraordinary military power, this might seem silly. But this is what the entrenched Israeli lobby desires.

And both Parties are listening.

To make matters worse, how one ‘thinks’ and ‘talks’ about Israel has unacknowledged limitations and restrictions in Big Washington as well as Big Media.

Diversity of opinion stops at Israel’s doorstep. Like it or not, Zionist Israel is the Third Rail of American discourse. Watch what you say. Even the typically rancorous disputes between Democrats and Republicans gets warm and fuzzy when Israel’s ‘special place’ in American life is raised. America’s ‘special relationship’ with you-know-who is the quintessential red line that no establishment figure will cross. And those who do cross that line tend to fade rapidly into oblivion. This phenomena has not gone unnoticed.

So America is stuck with pro-Israel speech codes and a militantly pro-Zionist foreign policy that has caused immense cost, dislocation, suffering and destruction. It’s been designed that way. And ‘outsider’ Trump is stuck with it. Few dare examine it.

Here’s the short list of Israel’s primary Enemies. Significantly, these are the countries that also get the worst press in American media:

The (anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian) Republic of Iran.
Syria, which still claims land (Golan Heights) stolen by Israel in 1967.
Lebanon (where Hezbollah roams)
Palestine (will they never give up?)
Russia (allied with Iran and Assad’s Syria)

N. Korea is even a player here. Iran and N. Korea have allegedly shared nuclear technology. This infuriates nuclear Israel.

So the Israel angle in this picture is huge. Overwhelmingly so. This is where the oligarchs, media lords, and corrupt journalists come together.

Thus, Israel’s tenured Hasbara brigade in US media will remain firmly in place.
Peak Stupidity back now. That's one hell of a good comment by just a lowly commoner, errr, commenter, a man named Mark Green. The quality of his comment shows how hard it is to break the glass LCD ceiling into BIG PUNDIT. Anyway, I don't agree with just this one line: "Don’t connect Europe’s immigration crisis to Zio-Washington’s destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria."

I think, first of all, that the neocons don’t mind at all the current Euro-invasion being connected with the wars caused by America in the Middle East/N. Africa. I think the people who want this invasion, the evil Commie Merkel ( see also here, and here) and the Brussels EU Globalists, like to use that as an excuse. They would be happy to import people from non-invaded countries, and the refugees from the countries with the turmoil and destruction should be headed to places nearby. That’s how it’s supposed to work – near enough to go home eventually. (I know, that’s not those “refugees’” plan, of course.)

I need to write some post soon that will be an overriding connection of the Globalists, Commies, and Neocons, to sort all these bastards out. It will be some kind of Grand Unified Theory of Evil, maybe a bit easier than developing a similar theory in Physics, but hey, they told me when I started blogging that there would be no math, and I'm holding em to it.

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