Philip Giraldi on the Necons, President Trump, and US foreign policy

Posted On: Tuesday - January 9th 2018 9:38AM MST
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King of the Neocons? Mr. Max Boot from ... Russia!

A really gutsy writer, Mr. Philip Giraldi of the modern press on, wrote this recent article, Surrounded by Neocons. It's not easy to admit or especially publish some of the truth about the major influence of Israel and the "American" Neocons on almost all of the our foreign policy.

The first 2/3 of Giraldi's article is relates the Lyin' Press's role in the continuation of the "invade-the-world" part of Mr. Steve Sailer's term "invade-the-world/invite-the-world" to describe the thoroughly idiotic-appearing policies that have been followed at the top levels of US government for the last 3 - 5 decades. The article describes why the TV press and the major newspapers seen to be on the same page with almost no real disagreement on foreign policy, citizens, taxpayers, and foreigners in the wrong countries be damned.

This article should be read in it's entirety, but out of the first 2/3 evisceration of the Lyin' Press, including 2 "Newspapers of Record", TV, some Neocon think-tanks, etc. Giraldi discusses a Politico interview OF 2 neocons BY a neocon.
An interesting recent podcast interview by Politico‘s Chief International Affairs correspondent Susan Glasser with leading neoconservatives Eliot Cohen and Max Boot, is typical of how the media selectively shapes a narrative to suit its own biases. Glasser, Cohen and Boot are all part of the establishment foreign policy consensus in the U.S. and therefore both hate and fail to understand the Trump phenomenon. Both Cohen and Booth were vociferous founding members of the #NeverTrump foreign policy resistance movement.

Boot describes the new regime’s foreign policy as “kowtow[ing] to dictators and undermin[ing] American support for freedom and democracy around the world,” typical neocon leitmotifs. Glasser appears to be in love with her interviewees and hurls softball after softball. She describes Boot as “fantastic” and Cohen receives the epithet “The Great.” The interview itself is remarkably devoid of any serious discussion of foreign policy and is essentially a sustained assault on Trump while also implicitly supporting hardline national security positions. Cohen fulminates about “a very serious Russian attack on the core of our political system. I mean, I don’t know how you get more reckless and dangerous than that,” while Boot asks what “has to be done” about Iran.

Pompous ass Cohen, who interjected in the interview that “and you know, Max and I are both intellectuals,” notably very publicly refused to have any part in a Trump foreign policy team during the campaign but later when The Donald was actually elected suggested that the new regime might approach him with humility to offer a senior position and he just might condescend to join them. They did not do so, and he wrote an angry commentary on their refusal.

The last 1/3 of this article describes, in Phil Giraldi's opinion, how Trump is not only beholden to the Neocon strategy of Israel-over-all, but even criticized by the Neocon formerly "Never-Trumpers" for not including them all as his advisors. He's broken campaign promises by implementing lots of the Neocon agenda, but still:
Hating Trump is one thing, but I would bet that if the question of a hardline policy vis-à-vis Russia or the Jerusalem Embassy move had come up Cohen and Boot would have expressed delight. The irony is that Trump is in fact pursuing a basically neocon foreign policy which the two men would normally support, but they appear to be making room for Trump haters in the policy formulation process to push the national security consensus even farther to the right. Indeed, in another article by Boot at Foreign Policy he writes “I applaud Trump’s decisions to provide Ukraine with arms to defend itself from Russian aggression, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to send additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan, and to accelerate former President Barack Obama’s strategy for fighting the Islamic State.” Cohen meanwhile applauds the embassy move, though he warns that Trump’s success in so doing might embolden him to do something reckless over North Korea.
It sounds like their particular Overton Window must be still pushed towards more war. I do have a question about whose damn idea is to still keep our military all over, and engaged with the Orient, as I don't think the neocons have any interest in that. It's a subject for another post - See, we're never gonna run out of material!

Lastly, the writer adds information about recent efforts to prepare for nuclear war, like a deja vu to me:
It must be reassuring for many Americans to know that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is preparing itself to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the United States and it will be sharing information on the appropriate preparations with the American people. There will be a public session on how to prepare for a nuclear explosion on January 16th.
Man, America spent FOUR DECADES containing the Communist menace (though we dropped the ball on the domestic front.) It took Ronald Reagan, the old, non-Commie Pope, leaders in Poland and West Germany, and millions of American soldiers, airmen, sailors and engineers to shut down the Euro-version (at least) of the Red Menace, and damned if we want to start more problems and have our kids practice ducking under their desks again (spoiler alert - plastic desks made of cheap China-made Crap - no, we cannot win it that way.)

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