Federale of VDare - more on putting the scare on the illegal aliens.

Posted On: Friday - January 5th 2018 7:03PM MST
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OK, Mrs. Bandito, other than you and Frito, any other personages on the premises?

The man called "Federale", who writes for VDare.com, applauded here, is happy about a certain detail out of the Trump administration involving the upcoming every-decade census (actually specified in the US Constitution). No, it's not like anyone at VDare, who are the most in the know about the all aspects of immigration, are happy with President Trump in general on the issue. Neither is Peak Stupidity satisfied in this regard. All of us can appreciate these small steps, though I am more pessimistic than Federale, as I'll explain.

This article, "Sessions Justice Department Weaponizing The Census Against Illegals" discusses the idea of scaring illegals to stay away from the 2010 census. There is a good point which the Peak Stupidity blog discussed almost a year ago, that illegal aliens may do damage to our political system by voting, but also, the counting of them in the census gives additional Electoral Votes to states like California, causing that much more damage. Federale's blog post addresses this.
In the good news department, recent demands by the Department of Justice could be a game-changer in dealing with the rotten boroughs problem that over represents Congressional districts with large illegal alien populations.
Federale cites the short excerpt below:
The Department of Justice has requested the Census Bureau include a citizenship question on the 2020 census form that experts claim could sabotage the results.

The DOJ letter dated December 12 said that including a question on citizenship on the census would benefit the department and allow it to better enforce the Voting Rights Act, ProPublica first reported.
This is from a Newsweek (Still around! Who knew?) article unbiasedly titled: "Trump Justice Department Request For Citizenship Question Could Sabotage 2020 Census, Experts [sic] Say" by Maria Perez. If you're not a regular reader, I'll repeat PEAK STUPIDITY DOES! NOT! LINK! TO! IDIOTS! [My policy; the buck stupid stops HERE! - editor]

Yeah! You'd have gotten exactly the opposite from any Democrat or standard Republican administration, with the Hildabeast having fortunately not have been the extreme example. I guess I could just emphasize this nightly, but we dodged a bullet that day, sure enough. It's a nice gesture and this type of working the system for future elections (in this case it's plain old obvious rule-of-law anyway) is old hat for the D's, and in fact, most of what the immigration invasion is about for them.

Federale again:
This could be a game changer. Fear is the mind killer, and demanding that illegal aliens answer as to whether they are citizens will put the fear of immigration enforcement in them, and they will decline to answer the Census. This will have the effect of dropping their numbers in the numerous rotten boroughs in California and other States where illegals boost representation for overwhelmingly Democrat Congressional districts.

However, just one question is insufficient. The Census should include several questions about alienage and require specific information in response to those questions, including alien registration number, immigration status, name, date of birth, and address. This will also allow the Census to weed out not only illegal aliens, but aliens temporarily resident, such as aliens on L and H non-immigrant employment visas.
I hate to be a Debbie (formerly Darrel) Downer, but I truly think plans made for multiple years or decades into the future are pretty much a surrender. The problem is EXI-FREAKING-STENTIAL!. The wall or barrier must be built now, and serious enforcement must start now, meaning large fines on employers and deportation of any arrested person found to be an illegal alien or any who admit it for the record. Right now, these guys aren't living in the shadows. That brings up a slight drawback to Federale's plan though. Why not let 'em form La Raza rallies in broad daylight, as they do, and arrest the whole lot.

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