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Posted On: Wednesday - January 3rd 2018 6:15PM MST
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Respect mah Authoritah!

3 months back or so, Peak Stupidity wrote about about the "Fourth Reich" of the Commie Angela Merkel of what we term Bizarro Germany. Again the "bizarro" is a reference to Superman, I am told (never was into that stuff), in which a world where everything is backwards is described. (Yes, you can learn a lot about nothing from Seinfeld, a "show about nothing". ;-}

Just as in any look at a whole big population, it'd be way off to say that all Germans are a certain way. In addition, the big problem that this post refers to, the intensive immigration invasion is not specific to just Germany either, when speaking of Europe. France and Sweden are in the same boat and have brought the same problems needlessly to their countries, and there are other smaller countries I don't have time to write about.

However, it's just that the Germans, in general, have always been known to have an unhealthy respect for authority. Yeah, the problem is pretty bad here too, as we documented before, and will write more about soon. The Germans are arguably tops in "respect mah authoritah", though I'll admit that none of what I know about it is personal accounts. The winners write the history, it is said. it's easy for people to make fun of the obedience for Hitler, as seen in the movies, from a time-distance of 8 decades, when once a certain point was reached there may have been no way out.

The Peak Stupidity blog described already, with 3 comparisons in that 2nd post of 2010's Germany vs. 1930's Germany that showed the bizarroness of the two time periods. In this post, I'll add one more about the German people.

Is the obedience to authority mostly a genetic trait? It's hard to single all that out. It was thought that these are a "Nationalistic people" and that was their problem in the 3rd Reich, but not today with their Globalism (the 1st of my comparisons in the linked post). So, I guess the nationalism was bred-out, or was just a cultural thing. It's not easy to sort these things out (subject for an upcoming post, BTW). Some say the war took many of the hard-core militant types out of the gene pool, and all that.

It just seem like the blind obedience thing, genetic or cultural or who cares, is still with them. Where is the bizarro, the oppositeness? Well, this respect for the authority of the Commie Frau Merkel means that the Germans (again, just most of them) will follow a Globalist who is deliberately destroying their country, vs. the madman Nationalist of 80 years back, who only inadvertently near-destroyed their country. That's the bizarro part.

As an aside, just like I'd say for another tyrant, Chairman Mao of China, the guy had good intentions for this country. That wouldn't help if you were Jewish, though I will have to add here, that had the Jews become more German, things may have happened differently (I say "may", mind you, as I have no idea what was in Adolph Hitler's heart.) Hitler's stupidity, just like that of Mao Zedong, got millions of his countrymen killed, good intentions not withstanding. History buff will argue all of it, but I imagine that the German people would have been fared much better had Hitler just fought one war instead of two - either West or East. Even the war in the west may have been avoided had Hitler not had the grudges, many deservedly, from WWI, and the allies let them take some of the German-populated areas that they wanted. My point is not to become a history buff here, but just to say that Hitler made mistakes that near-ruined, or temporarily-ruined his country. Merkel seems to be doing all this on purpose. Is she really that stupid, or is she just obituary shopping? (great term is per Nicholas Stix of VDare.

How can these German people keep supporting this nation wrecker, in a worse way, really, than the support for HItler in the 1930's, as they are not under the extreme financial duress as they were back then? It's that overriding respect for authority. "She's the duly elected leader. It's for our own good." Is that the thinking going on? Will it take the rape of one's daughter or the total transformation of one's town before anger and disrespect finally set in? It's going to be too late very soon. You can't say the Germans don't think ahead, as they planned the freakin' blitzkrieg "lightning war", and damn near conquered the world, even with Hitler's stupidity. Why can't they think ahead on a problem like this?

I'll give Americans some credit here. Even though Trump hasn't kept a whole lot of his promises (I mean the ones that he absolutely has authority on), many of us wanted to poke a stick in the eye of the elite globalist establishment. It's really hard to tell if this was truly on the mind of the 1/2 of American voters who put him in office, as look at the opposition. Some just couldn't stand to have that sick Hildabeast anywhere we had to see or hear from it. For me, it was both!

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