Posted On: Monday - January 1st 2018 5:28PM MST
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A full new year of stupidity is ahead of us, unless we peak out and get to that sharp decline as modeled by the NACA supercomputers and numerically forecast to occur "ANY TIME NOW" +/- "a bit".

HAPPY NEW YEAR from deep in the heart of the stupidity. Peak Stupidity aims to be nothing short of STUPID CENTRAL in 2018!

Of course, New Year's resolutions don't always take, and that's what this quick post is about (should be time for more detailed stuff tomorrow). I don't know how long this NY resolution business has been around, as I don't feel like looking it up (resolution # 23 this year is: "Look more stuff up."). I, and the Peak Stupidity blog are not big on resolutions. Like about anything else there is, according to quite a few people on the internet - hey, they're on "The Net", so they must be smart, right? - New Year's resolutions work on the Pareto 80/20 rule.

What is that bullshit, you ask? It's some well-known bullshit, apparently, as I was able to quickly look it up (resolution # 23: CHECK, done and done). It says, very simply, that "80 % of the effects are due to 20 % of the causes." That's kind of general so could indeed apply it to about everything. Peak Stupidity, after spending $14,000 of reader donations on consulting with Resolution Solutions, LLC, will therefore invoke the Pareto principle as applied to NY resolutions. We posit that:

A) 80 % of all NY resolutions are kept for under 20 % of the year.

and conversely,

B) 20 % of all NY resolutions are kept for under 80 % of the year.

After that, it's back to the same-old-same-old for most people. Stupidity is nothing if not persistent.

No, it doesn't really follow the general rule even, but it's something that can fit nicely onto just one powerpoint slide, which is critical in the modern corporate world.

Peak Stupidity's real New Year's resolution, all most kidding aside: Try to see the honesty, common-sense, and goodness that IS in most people. The all-pervasive stupidity acts on a macro-scale, while individual people act on a micro-scale.

Thank you very much, readers, for being with us into the year 2018. We'd be glad if you "resolved" to just check in every day or so, as this is no Instapundit or Zerohedge. The goal is to put up about 6 - 8 substantial posts per week (i.e. not counting the quick music video ones).

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