Oh, you're one of those "you ever notice?" KIDS.

Posted On: Thursday - December 28th 2017 8:03PM MST
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Is Kenny Bania available to be a mentor?

Since I posted Oh, you're one of those "you ever notice?" guys. a week back, I've noticed that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The little one, 6 years old, asks a lot of questions, as they all do. Today, it was, "Hey, why do they call hot dogs hot dogs, Dad? They're hot, but they don't look like dogs."

No, I didn't have an answer, but, hell, this kid should be in NY City doing stand-up off Broadway ... way, way off Broadway, like in New Jersey, but still ... No, it's not as good as Kenny Bania's Ovalteen routine, but, hey, the kid's only 6. If this kid can out-Bania Kenny Bania at his age, he's goin' places! And he can read tampon packages to boot.

Get it? Hot dogs ... they don't look like dogs ... it's comedy gold, Jerry!

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